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  • Suppliers ... Who do you use?

    I live in the North of Scotland and have difficulty getting a lot of my supplies locally, A lot of my supplies I purchase over the internet from all over the the world partly for getting something different but mainly for delivery cost, I would prefer to get them locally but I am in a rural area. So here's where I get my bits from .... what about you?

    1 Mica powders .... the clay factory (USA), The Conservatorie (USA)

    2 Resins ... MB Fibreglass (Ireland)

    3 Pen kits ... Timberbits (Australia)

    4 Wood ... Well that's an easy one for me, I work for an argi supply company that delivers to all the large country estates in Scotland and most of them have there own sawmills

    5 Polymer Clay ... I've just started using it, so I'm still looking around for the best place

    I also pick up a few bits from the Ullapool wood-turning centre, but its at the other side of the country

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    I have a beach that is made of beautiful grey clay.
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