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    Hey Everyone.

    I'm new to the forum, and completely new to the world of die cutters and embossers! I'm not really a paper crafter.
    Right, I've been trawling through page after page after page on the internet reading about die cutting machines, only getting myself more and more confused; So I've come to seek your help!
    I'm obviously looking for a die cutting machine, I'm a freelance Graphic Designer and book maker. As a result there are certain things I want/need it to do and be:

    Electronic - doesn't have to be independent from computer
    Able to use my own designs
    Cut (obviously) - but a wide range of materials and thickness'
    Emboss designs
    The final thing, although not a necessity, would be; it would also be really useful if I could cut long lengths of mAs aterials rather than just being restricted to a set size of say 12 by 12 inches.

    The size/bulkiness/weight of the machine doesn't matter as I wont be moving it about.
    I know that what I need it to do is going to mean its going to be expensive, however I just want to know what machine would be good value for money in relation to not only what it does but also quality, robustness and longevity.

    Thanks Ash!

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    There is a new electronic cutter that embosses too. Search the threads as this questions gets asked quite often and I remember Christa giving the name of the machine that may be worth looking at. I'm not sure of the size or thickness of material that can be used on it.