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help please with using this forum and with soap making.

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  • help please with using this forum and with soap making.

    Okay so i am still pretty new to this forum and finding it hard to post threads as i keep forgetting how to find where to do it ect. I have just found it again but don't know if i'm doing it write or posting in the right place? can anyone tell me a quick easy way how to find where to go to to post a thread? Also how do i find out if someone has replied? atm i just keep searching for my own thread to see if anyone has replied but surely it should tell you? (however i may have just found the solution for this, i will have to wait and see if what i did works.)

    Also do any soap makers know a easy way to wash up the equiptment after making the soap because i wash with hot water and washing up liquid but the soap that i have made turns like greasy and oily and slimmy and hard to wash? is there anything to use to help cut through the oil to make it easier to wash? or maybe i have just made the soap wrong ?

    Any help with any of this would be much appreciated!

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    The posts thing:
    if you would like to join in a conversation that's already started you just click on a button that says reply to thread. Write your thoughts in the box that appears then click on the button that says Post Quick Reply.

    To start a new idea go to the top of the page and click on Forums. Scroll down to find the section you'd like to be in. Click. then Click on Start a New Thread. A new box appears (as above) etc.

    I don't know what I did but I get an email every time someone has replied to a thread I'm chatting on. There must be a box to tick ....somewhere. Have you clicked on your blue name at the top of this page. There are all sorts of options behind that.


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      And you can edit your thread after it's posted by clicking on the edit button. Just done that after noticing my atrocious spelling of the word 'appears'


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        Hello AnnieAnna, thankyou for your reply i still didn't get notified even tho i selected 'Subscribe to this thread and notify me of changes', and then I selected, 'instantly, using email.'
        but didn't get anything? oh well i'm sure i'll find a way to make it work soon I haven't actually commented on anyone elses thread yet but i must try that soon. I think i understamd how to post a thread now thanks to your help just ran through your instructions and think i'll be able to do it properly now I have worked out how to edit threads and i am also rubbish at spelling so that will be very useful!

        Many thanks!


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          I have just noticed that i have actually got a email saying i have a reply on here but it didn't notify me on hotmail so maybe it's just my hotmail playing up!


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            I have noticed I get my email notifications a bucketful at a time. Either the forum is sending them out at timed intervals (like every hour, or something) or my gmail account is dumping my messages on me at timed intervals. Actually I know it does that so I bet it's your hot mail that's messing you about.


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              Okay thankyou well it doesn't really matter if i get the emails a bit late, it will just mean i'll be replying late.
              Anyways thankyou for all your help!


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                Welcome to the forum.

                We make CP soap - 25kg - 50kg batches - we scrape all the soap from pan with a spatula until there is almost nothing left - then wipe clean with kitchen paper, then wash with boiling water
                and washing up liquid.

                If your pans are not clean before you wash them you will have big problems with your drains.


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                  Thankyou for the reply Jane, i use the cold process method too so this is probally the problem. i do try and scrape as much as i can but i use a wooden spatula which leaves some left over. I will have to buy a silicone one because this will help alot. And then i will try doing as you do and wipe it clean first.

                  Thankyou very much and i'm sure this will fix the problem!