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OOPS... A lesson learnt the hard way:-

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  • OOPS... A lesson learnt the hard way:-

    I've just brought my second item of furniture off that "well famous" aution site for £13!! I was soooo excited as I bid and won. I emailed the seller, very nice polite man - good communicator you are supposed to say. I bundled the kids in the van with a road map and set off yippee! Got to our destination and the seller & son put the unit in the back of my van paid my dues and off home we what a "smooth transaction" (that's what your supposed to say). Got home had a cuppa left good feedback then went to unload unit into the sunshine...yes it was sunny!! Took a good close look at it........WOODWORM.......ARGH!!! Just cost me £17 for a tin of Woodworm killer.

    I will not be defeated....from now on I will touch, sit, squeeze my next aquisition before handing over my pennies, please don't be like me and trust pictures & sellers, ask the question before buying then you have a leg to stand on getting your money back "Item does not match description".

    Take care out there!


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    Oh dear. Do be careful, it can spread so easily. Hope we see a pic of it when done.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Hi, a painful lesson not soon forgotten.

      hope you can rescue said item and save it from the scrap.



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        Look on the bright noticed the woodworm BEFORE you took it indoors!

        Also, if you add £13 + £17 + cost of fuel, is it still a good priced piece of furniture? If so, then it's still a good buy, so don't feel too bad about it.

        Annie and Lyn


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          Oh my goodness didn't you check it before puting it into the van and handing over the monies?

          Also be aware that anti woodworm stuff is poisonous and do not use it inside and don't take the woodworm item into any where you have wood.
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