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  • christmas cards

    what do you think about e-cards?
    can they replace a real paper one made with love...

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    These e-cards seem to be all the rage at the minute, personally i dont like them...but thats beacuse i think its lazy(apologies to any who likes them)...
    i find it fun making the cards...i havent bought one from a shop for nearly a year and neither has any one i know - nor have they sent one over email!

    hope that is honest enough for you!?!

    rach x

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      E cards are usually sent by the same people who send a Round Robin letter at Christmas... dont start me on them....Personally i don't like e cards or emails for that matter, i write to a few friends, some of whom i went to primary school with (all those years ago!)We all have email but choose not to use it, there is nothing quite like getting a letter through the post. I write regulaly to my Gran who lives in Yorkshire as well and she loves it.


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        e-cards drive me mad, I hate receiving them. For some bizarre reason my mum insists on sending a proper card, AND an e-card for every possible occasion, and then phones to see if we got the e-card!!!! I find them very inpersonal and half the time don't bother to open them and NEVER send them. We have another friend who sends them instead of proper cards and obviously belongs to some website who sends them out automatically for her so I never even bother opening them and as a result of her beng so lazy we never bother sending her a card for her birthday. Oooo I sound so cruel don;t I, LOL.
        Jo x

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          Totally agree - I don't like them. Plus they never open properly and its not like I can put them on my mantle piece is it so I can see them!


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            E-cards are okay in their own place - pretty much along with all the other bumph e-mail we all get.

            They will never replace proper cards in my book. Nothing better than getting a lovely card through the post and like tip top says putting them on the mantle.



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              E-cards are okay. If you want it quick and less hassle, then e-cards would be just the right thing. But for me, its better to receive a real card this christmas. Just remember, christmas just comes once in a year. So try to make effort on little things..
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