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This can't be right....I am up to date!!!

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  • This can't be right....I am up to date!!!

    Just finished off my last 2 beanie orders and packed a crocheted bag I am donating to a pal's Christmas Carol Concert and..........that is it, orders for Chrimbo finished...presents for Cornwall posted....apart from some wrapping that has to wait until the boys are out of the house I am done!

    I may even get time to design something warm for myself as the freezing weather looks set to stay for a while.

    Just had a great thought.... if we get some of the snow they have had in America....well it could be a very crafty Chrimbo.

    Sorry if my being apparently sorted this hacks anyone off....but in the words of the great Victor Meldrew..." I DON'T BELIEVE IT"

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    LOL, me too!! Very strange feeling isn;t it!!! After a couple of months of being so busy and not knowing which way to turn, sent my last Christmas order off today, and have been sitting here this evening not knowing what to do with myself!! Mind you, still have some keepsake boxes to finish for a shop but no point in posting them until New Year now, and have already taken some orders for New Year but have said to all concerned am not crafting again until 3rd January, so feet up time for me!!! Already got through 3/4's of a bottle of wine tonight and started reading a book which I haven't had a chance to do for aaaaaaages!!! Could get used to this
    Jo x

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      Well, I thought I was all sorted and an order from my website has just popped through for some cards (not Christmas luckily!) so I'll be making those tonight. And tommorow probably!!

      Can't complain as its always a lovely surprise when I get orders!!!

      Sommerwood - I must be a lightweight as it takes me 3 nights to get through a bottle of wine!!


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        I've finished my orders too unless an order comes through on Etsy between now and tomorrow morning when I'm closing for Christmas. I've closed my Tuggle down until the new year and I'm going to close my etsy tomorrow. I wish I could sit with feet up but I've got my house to tidy before we go away on Thursday! So busy busy for me!
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          Started tidying up after I posted last night and discovered a pair of socks I started for hubby last Christmas that had been put aside to deal with other stuff. One was finished and the other just cast on so I picked that up and started knitting in a far more leisurely fashion than recently.

          As this is also the first thing I have made for him for about 12 years, hopefully he will see it as a thank you for all his patience through the year and turning a blind eye to the stash ridden dining room!

          Bless his little "85% woollen, handmade socks"!!


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            Last order went yesterday. Delivered by hand so I knew it would get ther safely.

            No wrapping done as yet and last minute pressies still to be bought. (forgot my father in law completly) Thankfully the kids want money for the sales so no racking my brains to think what to get them.

            Not at all orginised will start to-day maybe ??Once I'm off the comp.
            Would rather be talking to my pals

            Cheers Janice


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              "Un" fortunately our email system is down at the office so not much I can do but check out the internet and keep up with things on the forum.....shame!!!!!


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                well done all you lot who are sorted.

                I am not!!!

                bead orders still coming in as we speak and I have 5 to process so far today!
                I still have to tidy the house through properly and there is a huge pile of ironing. Non of the presents are wrapped up. (well I only bought them all yesterday.)
                I ordered Ollie a guitar over the internet and that's not come yet.
                I have got another couple of concerts to go to. (nned that like a hole in the head!)
                DH has this fantastic idea that we are going to Asda at 7am on christmas eve to beat the rush! (haven't the heart to tell him that so far, three people I've spoken to today are also going then!!)
                I have still got jewellery orders to make up.
                I need to go and get some greenery to decorate the house.
                ...... so why I am sitting here chatting to you lot I don't know!!!
                full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                  Posted my last parcels yesterday!! yaaaaa and my craft table looks somewhat 'empty' with having no half baked figurines on

                  I will be starting again next week mind you as I have toppers for a wedding on the 10th January and from February bookings are going to keep me busy weekly!! All this before the 'rush' order for 2008 comes in.....which is great!!!!

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                    I have been very lucky this year as deary has had the last week off so the housework, including washing and ironing have been done.....and I have my 10 and 16 years old trained so that pocket money doesn't appear until hoovering and bed linen changes have been completed. I am hoping the any future Daughter in laws will thank me for this in later life.

                    Although I am considering leaving the office party early on Friday night as the thought of a Saturday hangover does not really appeal...I must be getting old.

                    As for the fresh food stuff, sorry but I will be getting mine on Sunday, a haircut and a sherry at the hairdressers and possibly a trip to the pictures to watch Enchanted will be my Christmas eve foray, beats Asda any day! Shops will be open again on the 26th for emergencies anyway.