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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and just looking for some advice. I've been lucky enough to secure a stall in the craft marquee of a county show and need public liability insurance and to perform a risk assessment. Just wondering if people can give me advice or point me in the right direction. Also not sure how much stock to take with me for such a big event - apparently 25000 people attended the show last year!xx

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    Firstly congratulations on booking your show - country shows are very busy so gives a good opportunity to get your goods seen (& hopefully sold) to lots of people! The figures always sound intimidating but don't forget most people go to these things as part of a couple or family group so not everyone is going to buy from you. As for the amount of stock - this is always difficult as you cannot tell what people are looking to buy on the day, even if you've done the show before, every time is different.

    If you have already made sales, look at what your best sellers are & assume the same will be true to a degree so make sure these are well covered. In theory, the more stock you have, the more you'll sell as more choice means someone is probably more likely to see something they like & want to part with their cash for.

    If you have stock - take it! You can't sell something that is sat in a box at home! If you've got space to take it to the show then do so. It doesn't have to all be out on display but there is nothing worse than someone asking for a particular colour, style, pattern, whatever and you knowing that you have the perfect item but not with you at the show.

    There are lots of threads on here already regarding insurance so do a quick search & you'll get lots of recommendations (personally I use CMTIA). The risk assessment should be broken down into four columns: Risk - Level - Who is at Risk - Action Look at everything you do and sell and make a list of what could happen. For example, using the columns shown: Risk - Trip Hazard from draping cloth / Level - Moderate / Who is at Risk - Staff & public / Action - Ensure corners are well tucked under & not dragging on floor

    All this is for is to show that you have looked at and planned appropriate action for any problems that may occur, if you sell small items that children may try to put in their mouths for example, showing that you have realised the risk & are trying to avoid it happening by placing these items at a higher level and further back on the table where the little fingers can't get at them. Once you get going, it will become easier & there are probably examples online that will get you started. Sign & date the RA when complete & keep a copy for your own reference too.
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      Last year was my first year at shows, some big, some small, the ones i thought would be good were poor and vice versa, it was a steep learning curve but a good one. I agree Alicat with take as much stock as you can and have more than one of one of each item ( i had a cushion and could have sold it many times over but had only taken the one design) make sure you price everything before you go and have prices on everything as people don't often like to ask, be big on the fact you have made them as people love the personal touch and have plenty of cards to give out, if you have a website put this on the cards if not set up a facebook page (it's free and a good communication tool) - i got a lot of trade after events when people had got in touch asking for commissions. Good Luck and keep us posted xx
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        Thankyou very much for your replies! They will help me on my way to getting organised for the big day! I did a few small shows before christmas but there wasnt many people attending either event so it just seems a little overwhelming to do such a big show!


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          Thanks AliCat.... We have our fist show at the end of February so it's good to get some advise.
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