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Totally free and legit Adobe CS2

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  • Totally free and legit Adobe CS2

    Hi All, Found this the other day, Apparently Adobe is fed up policing counterfeit copies of CS2 so has decided to give it away for free. Not the most recent edition, release 9, but has all you need. Comes complete with unlocking key.
    Make sure you down load all 3 discs before starting to install.
    Had it for about a week and its 100%
    ps if you have problems installing it I would't have the faintest idea how to help, but worked OK for me

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    Thanks for the heads up not that I knew what you were referring to but the other half did and will..............

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      Wish I'd known before I bought a copy of CS6 a couple of weeks ago for my new PC because I couldn't find my originally CS2 installation discs...


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        Thank you for info unfortunately I am now on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and will only work up to 10.3.8, good though if you can use it.


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          I'm so happy about this... this is the edition I'm most familiar with, and have never been quite happy enough with Gimp or other free photo editing softwares! I once knew photoshop so intimately, and after I quit working at my most recent job I've been completely cut off... hooray!! New logos and branding for Coryographies!!!
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            Here is the direct link

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              I did find this......

              Get Adobe CS2 Suite For Free? Not Officially.

              Updated 12. January 2013 - 23:04 by rob.schifreen

              You may have seen rumours on the internet in recent days that Adobe is making available copies of its older Create Suite 2 available for free.
              The rumours is, in fact, true. Head to and there are download links for Photoshop CS2, Acrobat 8, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition and more. Along with serial numbers, ready for you to install.
              The software isn't exactly cutting-edge, as it was released in 2005. But it still represents a bit of a bargain, so what's up?
              The official explanation from Adobe is that, in December 2012, it shut down the servers that handled product activation requests for CS2. Following complaints from existing customers who needed to reinstall their paid-for copies of CS2 but were unable to activate them, Adobe then released the downloads and serial numbers. In a subsequent posting on its forum, it clarified the issue, and stated categorically that the software was only for those who already owned CS2 licences and certainly wasn't to be regarded as freeware.
              However, in the past few days the software has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people, and the aforementioned forum posting has actually been removed. So make of this what you will, and download the software at your own risk."

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                It absolutely, 100% is not free for all to use.

                However, the license keys provided are ones that do not require activation. So Adobe is not, other than recording IP addresses, keeping track of this software.

                It runs fine on Windows 7 - both 32 and 64 bit versions - however, you may have to run them in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode to prevent error messages.

                Good luck.
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                  Wow that's a shock! Never thought they would just give this away for free.
                  If you know a teacher or student you could get your hands on the latest version on a education licence reasonably cheap.
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                    Originally posted by Phoenix Forge View Post
                    Wow that's a shock! Never thought they would just give this away for free.
                    If you know a teacher or student you could get your hands on the latest version on a education licence reasonably cheap.
                    No, you need to BE a teacher or student. Abusing the system by just 'borrowing' somebody else's ID is one of the things that keeps the full version so expensive.


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                      I have an old version - PhotoShop 7 and it does everything I need it to....


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                        I don't know about CS2 from Abode but I've been running LazyGit v1 since just before xmas, mainly in conjunction with Telly v3. However it's started freezing on me over the last week, so I've moved onto LazyGit v2. It's actually even slower than v1, but i've just finished tweaking a nice little add-on, HomeBrew v10, so I'm not too worried.
                        Suspect I'll have to uninstall the lot soon though, and go back to Activity v2.


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                          Wow, great thanks for sharing. Got em all, up and working fine. Free, free, free, doesn't get any better than this!!