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HELP!!! painting ceramics

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  • HELP!!! painting ceramics

    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! please ok please bear with me i have never used a forum before but i am DESPERATE for HELP and would appreciate any advice please to avoid a total disaster

    ok i have my own little business and for the last year been painting and selling wood but sales have dropped so i started thinking of new ideas... then i got an idea to paint ceramic mugs plates etc and got busy with my designs which have PROOVED EXTREMELY popular as you can imagine i am excited so excited about this new venture and really really want it to work....

    i am using fairly cheap china mugs plates etc from the range...
    then i am using porcelain pens from baker and ross (hobby line porcelain pen brilliant) and following manufactuer instructions on cooking them to set the paint

    i have already sold alot of these to friends and have been asking them for feedback and most people have said the paint stays on fine with use and washing etc BUT i am now getting a few people telling me that the paint is coming off them!!!! i really dont want unhappy customers all dmeanding refunds and im sooooooo worried as i really enjoy this line of work i have started to "double cook" the items to try to ensure they are ok to sell and also doing a "scrape test" on them with my nails and trying to scrape the paint off before i let them go

    WHERE AM I GOING WRONG????? why are some of the items ok and others not holding up?

    is there some way i can glaze the items to help hold the paint???

    PLEASE HELP ME :-( it will be much appreciated xxx

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    Sorry, can't help but good luck with this one.
    James x


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      Thanks even if you can't specifically answer my question if you can point me in The direction of someone somewhere who might I'd appreciate it? Or if I should post this in another section of the forum??? X


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        I'd change your porcelain paint to a better brand.

        I will only ever us pebeo paints and pens they are the best. Also do put in a note about not advisable for dishwashers. As sometimes' the salts used in dishswasher cleaners can attack your paints.
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          I agree with the above, change to Pebeo. There's no glaze that would solve the problem as if the paint comes off, the glaze will too.

          Lots of commercial personalised stuff says not suitable for dishwahers so don't be afraid to stress this. You could give a printed slip of paper with each purchase, detailing Care Instructions. (Surprisingly enough this often adds to the perceived value.) Also, you could write 'hand wash with care' on the base of the pieces.

          If you've done all you can, you can't be expected to make a refund if they don't look after it. Don't panic - relax and enjoy! Wishing you the best of luck with your new venture.