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  • Need a bit of a moan

    This is really winding me up. Tuesday i bought some stuff from my supplier and as usual i got the tracking info to keep an eye on
    when my package will arrive.

    So yesterday i checked and it said it was out for delivery. But nothing came, then i checked again before i went to bed and it was back to 'at delivery depot'.
    This is DPD btw. Never had problems with them before and the delivery man is really nice.

    Just realized there is info for MyHermes. I thought MyHermes was a totally different courier service to DPD etc..
    On the MyHermes site is says: at 4:15 this morning 'out for delivery', at 11:05 this morning it says courier to re attempt.

    I don't understand why because i have been in waiting all day yesterday and today. Usually i get a txt and an email but nothing yet.

    The reason i am annoyed is MyHermes have messed up an order before with something i bought off Ebay. That order kept saying out for delivery, courier to re attempt for at least 2 weeks (if they really had tried to delivery you would think they would leave a calling card. they never did) to which the seller had to resend using royal mail and MyHermes never managed ever to deliver the original posted package.
    Can't find ay good feedback online about them either. I do believe as well that if a buyer tries to contact MyHermes about a package they don't help, they just say to contact the place you bought from. SO FRUSTRATING. It's got nothing to do with the supplier really, once its out in transit imo anyway.

    I've emailed DPD to ask whats going on, hopefully my Monday i will have an email. Just a bit pee'd off with all this tracking info saying one thing then different the next

    Feel a bit better for having a moan now lol, sorry for wittering on

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    Don't apologise. I send angry emails to our local 'delivery' agents all the time.

    I always ask for their definition of 'delivery', I have had some terse replies!
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      The delivery i bought was 2 to 7 workings days so shouldn't really moan too much as they still have a few days to deliver lol. Just usually DPD are pretty good at delivering withing 2 to 3 days.
      Just annoys me with the confusing delivery. One min its out for delivery the next it isn't in this case
      And don't understand what MyHermes have got to do with it when i thought DPD would be handling my package!!

      If it isn't here by Wednesday next week i shall get even more moany and angry


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        Had some interesting experiences dare I say with mentioned company, such deliveries going to the wrong address and parcels just being plonked outside the front of our premises sorry to say.
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          I've never had a problem with Hermes either as a sender or receiving parcels. However all the couriers are self employed so it really does depend on what your one is like, my one is a lovely lady who cares about her customers and so far the other ones delivering when I post out have been good too - one even delivered on a Saturday Sounds like your local courier is more than a bit rubbish though.

          As for the DPD/Hermes thing, I think some companies work together a bit to get the service cheaper, I've seen it especially with a couple of parcels I've received that were sent through Parcel2go - they had 2 different courier labels on them. I also order regularly from Germany and I get sent the DHL tracking number which always stops once it leaves Germany...and then a couple of days later Jim the ParcelForce guy turns up at my door with the parcel - confused me completely the first time.

          I'd say ask any of your suppliers not to send to you with Hermes (if you tell them they usually go missing I'm sure they won't object) but having just said all the above it looks like they may end up doing so without realising
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            DPD have yet again changed the status of the delivery to 'At delivery depot'.
            Seen as it was 2 to 7 working days delivery i bought they still have time.

            So friggin annoying tho. I have sent them as well as hermes an email. here's hoping by Monday i have some sort of reply!!


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              All will be for gotten when you eventually get your parcel but isn't it good to moan.
              James x


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                I think if you leave the house for just 10 minutes, you can almost guarantee that someone will attempt to deliver your parcel!!

                Hope you receive it soon.
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                  It's that shipping thing again.


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                    If you book parcel to go you can see which courier is going to be used. You can see the price and timescale of each and select which suits you best. I had an important business parcel that TNT were supposed to pick up but it took two days to collect and a further seven to deliver!

                    I try to use UPS when I can. They will usually pick up same day if booked before 11am and they have always delivered mine the following day. We are in a difficult location to find, don't match up with Google maps or Sat Nav but UPS have always found us. They magage to get parcels from Germany in two to three days depending on the time of day they have been available for collection. They were £2 more expensive than the other couriers but I had tens of thousands of pounds of business riding on the package so £2 more was worth it for me.

                    I've never heard any problems with my Hermes in our local area but I'm not sure how they operate. We have not sent parcels with them but have had them delivered here.


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                      I have never had a problem with My Hermes - either delivering to me or when I send packages with them. However, when I send I alway pay extra to have a signature.

                      I trust them more than I trust the Royal Mail. 30% of what I send (always 'Signed For') is never 'Signed For'.
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                        I've had delivery problems similar to what you describe. My package went back to the depot as a "failed delivery" I phoned the company and they said the courier had tried to deliver 15 mins before my call! My entire family was at home including my crazy dog who goes wild if anyone comes to the door so no way had anyone called.
                        When the parcel did eventually turn up I asked the delivery man what had happened he said it wasn't him who had tried to deliver but that the couriers are all given tight schedules to work to and have to deliver within a 10 min slot and they cannot deliver even a minute earlier than the time the customer is given ( I have had a DPD van sitting outside my house waiting to deliver at the early time they gave me!) He said sometimes the courier cannot make all the deliveries in the time frame given and any that don't make it go back as a failed delivery! Maybe it's something like that. Hope it turns up soon


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                          Originally posted by holehouse View Post
                          I have had a DPD van sitting outside my house waiting to deliver at the early time they gave me!
                          I've had that too!
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                            I have never had a good experince from Hermes , be it forging a signature or leaving a box with neighbours and not telling me! I have now arranged for my supliers to send to me via a different courier!
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                              Originally posted by Musha-Makes View Post
                              I have never had a good experince from Hermes , be it forging a signature or leaving a box with neighbours and not telling me! I have now arranged for my supliers to send to me via a different courier!
                              Ohh they have done that with me from stuff i've got off ebay. One time (even tho i was in the house waiting) they left a card saying sorry you were out. So had to call the office and they said they had left with my neighbor. Good job i have nice neighbors. They have also once left a package at my door.

                              Never had a problem with Royal Mail though, so far they have been brilliant

                              This package better turn up, i'm itching to get ready and make some lip balms and glosses