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    Just got this email from a journalist
    In our March issue we’re producing a free cover booklet all about crafting for charity. And I am looking for 5 crafters to tell us about their favourite charity to craft for. I just need to know what you’ve made; how much you’ve raised, and how (craft or cake sale? etc); and why this charity is close to your heart. Can be sewing, knitting, jewellery making, crochet… baking, even!

    What do you think? If appropriate, I just need a few sentences as outlined in the brief above, by Monday

    Let me know if you are interested and I'll pass on the email
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    I'm a full time potter, but I'm also an animal lover and vegetarian. I'm also a volunteer who helps out with transporting rescued dogs to new homes, and also doing homechecks for people wanting to adopt a rescue pet. I work for a variety of charities, but the one I help the most is Fido's. I often donate pottery to them for their raffles. I don't know the total they've raised with my pottery; I've donated several items and didn't keep track of it all! The items I donate are usually dog or animal related, such as the current raffle for a wall plaque that says "Spoilt Rotten Dogs Live Here".


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      The way we do it is to give a charity fundraiser a code for the checkout and then every sale we give a % to the charity. Painless all round and a win win.
      Last red nose two years ago I made a red nose necklace too - all white round pearls with one bright red one slap in the middle and sold that via the red nose set up on eBay


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        I setup my business/hobby in May after my sister died from cancer, and all profits got to cancer charities in her memory. She gave me her sewing machine and bags of fabric to use. At first I was too scared to use her machine (it's almost 40 yrs old) in case I broke it! So I started off by making bracelets for kids (I have two willing models aged 6 and 8 at home LOL!) and then when I got my bravery up I ventured into making soft toys. Learnt along the way about CE marking and safety which I had no idea about when I started.

        So far I've raised just under £180 for charity - it's not a huge amount and I'd really like to do more, but it's not bad for a startup in a recession either!
        Liz aka bigbirdlittlebird