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Velvet for drawer lining

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  • Velvet for drawer lining

    Hello all!
    I am reviving a set of drawers at present and one of them is already lined with black velvet. Does anyone know if it is a special type of velvet or just dress velvet, all I can work out is that it is cotton velvet so it does not stretch?

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Claire,
    I was just going to say that. There is cotton velvet and nylon/rayon/polyester velvet.
    There is thin velvet that stretches and medium weight ones that don't and really think stuff used in curtains. The last two come in both cotton and manmade fibre velvet. I'm not sure about the first one but I assume it's made with synthetics.
    You might have a problem matching the velvet you already have. When I buy from seperate shops you can really see a difference. There's the length of the pile, its shininess and the shade of black.
    I must say I find cotton velvet looks 'gentler' and feels better and I love working with it. The other stuff is a bit slippery.