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trying to upload photos of my craft projects and getting nowhere fast

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  • trying to upload photos of my craft projects and getting nowhere fast

    wow, the file size required to upload photos on here tiny. I tried to upload my mobile photos and even they are too big. I have tried to photoshop them but havent succeeded yet in getting the file small enough to upload. By the time the file is small enough I wonder if you will even see the photo. Not sure its worth all this hassle

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    Hi, probably well worth it when you get it cracked. I'm waiting to read the replies to this to see it's easier than I'm doing now.
    I use photo shop, image size and key the pixel dimension in directly with resample checked.


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      If you use photoshop save your document as a jpeg and you should get a screen which is your jpeg options. In that you are able to change your image options. Bring the size down to high and just on the right hand side the size of the image should appear. Saving an image will bring the dpi down to 72 which is for the web.



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        Right click Photo-open with paint-resize30%-save as (in my case "my pictures" photo folder) open album in my profile-upload photo into it-job done. Look at the image size on "my latest card" and in my album most of the photos are nearly as big as the page when clicked on. Don't forget to crop the image to cut out the background. I never try to set file size, some of mine are high kb, still uploaded.
        Same thing when I put the photo onto my post.

        Try this way, its quite easy..Dave.
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