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  • strawberry help?

    ok so not really crafty but thought you lot could help-i have strawberry plants, i've been growing strawberries for about 5 years now but i've never had runners. i have 2 new plants i bought over the summer and they produced strawberries all summer. i know they dont last forever and my old plants have died so i thought i could be recourceful and produce my own baby plants my plants just dont seem to produce runners so i can't reproduce them! just wondered if there was anything i could change for the summer to make runners? there elan variety for anyone that might want to know,

    thanks in advance! xxx

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    There are a few varieties that don't product runners (or produce very few) and have to be grown from seed but I don't think Elan falls into that category - not sure though.

    Where are you growing them? Are they in containers or in the ground? How much room do they have and is it possible they could be short of water? (unlikely as they have fruited well). If it's a container are you renewing the compost each year and feeding adequately? Racking my brains here.



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      Some F1 varieties will not produce runners and some that do will not produce the same variety of strawberry.
      or that many good strong runners.

      F1 plants are hybred plants ie they are a cross between different varieties.
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        Hi i googled it for you and elan is an ever bearer so doesn't grow runners. Day bearers are the next best as they sometimes grow runners but not always, so sounds like you are best to avoid these types. HTh


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          thankyou everyone for the replies so my plant doesnt produce runners but oh well! also i have a quick question on my baby plants, i dont know what variety they are as i bought them from a carboot sale, just wanted to know how i could maybe encorage growth of runners? they are currently in my garage so as not to freeze! thankyou all for the replies xxx


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            Golly gosh, I learn something new every day. Stawberries that don't do runners! Whatever next?

            From my experience of buying strawberry plants from car boot sales I'd say they are probably runners and will go bonkers producing runners and take over your garden....


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              I agree with Annie. Chances are they will have prolific runners.
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                Yes. I have one as well. Same problem. When i looked closely i realised i had lots of plants all come up in the same plant. So what i did was put out the outer parts of the plant and re plant them. I now have a few of them.
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