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Ethically sourced Fleece?

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  • Ethically sourced Fleece?

    As well as working with Textiles, at Newmoor barn we supply a wide selection of fleece and wool tops for crafters. All of our fleece is ethically sourced by which we mean we only source from farms where we know the animals have been treated with care and respect and no unpleasant practices are carried out in order to provide a 'good quality' fleece at a cheaper price. We also try to purchase from local farmers and breeders thus keeping down our 'Air miles' and we produce our tops by hand.
    We are currently researching as to peoples opinions and habits on sourcing fleece and to gauge peoples level of awareness of ware their fleece comes from and how important they feel ths is. For example; Do you purchase your fleece because of its competative price or because you have found a regular good quality supplier? Do you know or mind where your fleece comes from?
    Any info or feedback is appreciated and sorry if my post is a bit long winded.
    Thanks, Amanda
    Art with Nature