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    Any other crafters got a smash book ? I brought one ages ago and have no idea what to do with it! Had a complete mind blank !

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    Does it look like a scrap book kinda thing ?
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      What on earth is a smash book?


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        Smash books are fabulous - they are really informal, very personal and the best thing about smash books are that there are no right or wrong way to smash your can be whatever you want it to be...

        I make them - They make perfect gifts for anyone creative - and I have one I made for myself ...its my little book of inspiration.

        When you get your blank book usually the first thing you do is decorate the outside covers - although some people prefer to save that part for last. Your choice.

        It helps to know what you plans are for your smash book - this will help you to decide how to decorate it and how to organise the inside.

        Mine is divided into sections and I have page tabs to highlight the sections. Each of the tabbed pages is decorated to reflect what follows.

        The pages themselves have pockets and pull outs, they have clips, places for pictures, samples, writing and every page has a small blank area. Some of the pages have been given the art journal treatment and have lots of texture, others are smoother/plainer. This is mainly to get a balance so the book is not too bulky when completed.

        Pinterest and youtube have some interesting examples...


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          But what IS a smash book? 'It' - whatever 'it' is - may indeed be
          fabulous - they are really informal, very personal
          but so are a great many things in this world. I still don't know what a 'smash book' is, or its purpose!


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            It's just a book and there are very themes , the work smash is just the make. It's basically like a scrapbook where you can stick or write whatever you like and each page has a different design etc.

            It's purpose is to just use it like a scrapbook for bits and bobs really, I stick recipes and magazine clippings in mine haha


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              Originally posted by eena View Post
              But what IS a smash book? 'It' - whatever 'it' is - may indeed be

              but so are a great many things in this world. I still don't know what a 'smash book' is, or its purpose!
              A smashbook is whatever you want it to be. Its a sort of cross breed scrapbook/junk journal. Many are used as inspiration storage...a place to jot down ideas for future projects, and any scraps that inspire...could be a patterned fabric, something in a particular colour or texture, pictures, notes, doodles anything at all.

              Many creatives find it helps to smash these things so that they don't lose the ideas/inspiration but at the same time are not distracted form whatever the current project might be...The smashbook is a way to keep things together safely in one place.

              Other people choose smashbooks as journals or informal scrapbooks, a place to collect and record recipes etc is a flexible system.

              There are ready made kits to make them but Smashbooks can be cheaply created starting with a simple exercise book and a glue stick or they can be works of art in themselves with individually created beautiful art journal pages using a wide variety of crafting techniques.

              A simple web search for images should bring up a variety of examples
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