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Arts and crafts not for schools?

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  • Arts and crafts not for schools?

    The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) threatens the very future of creative subjects - like Music, Art, Design & Technology, Drama and Dance.

    By missing them off its list of core areas children must study, the Government is undermining their place at the heart of learning. There is a petition that you can sign if you agree

    "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci


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    Thanks for that.
    My daughter is due to take her options next year and we are going to be facing opposition from the school.
    She is a talented musician and arts based girl and yet from the beginning of entering senior school, the school have been ebac this and ebac that.
    Apparently you can go on several paths.
    ebac (highly recommended and expected)
    Supported pathway (skills like beauty, animal care etc)
    free pathway (but only if you fit in with the subject blocks) - so if for example art, drama, music and DT are all in one block you can only select one)

    My son had a similar fight even though the ebac didn't exist. He'd done well at o'level and was expected to take 5 A's on the maths and science path which he did. then after A/S he made up his mind that music was actually where he wanted to be and when he told the head of sixth form, he had a huge fight on his hands as they wanted him to go on and study science /medicine. DS had been studying music on a supported programme on the G&T since he was 12 and lives, eats and breathes music, but until we stepped in and more or less signed a disclaimer on his future prospects, they would not allow him to change subject path. He ended up changing to music, music technology, drama and psychology and staying on a n extra year. but it has been worth it as he's received 2 offers including a scholarship to study viola at conservatoires. and a reserved list place at another.

    The school know very little about the process to apply to conservatoire and were constantly trying to push him towards university and even when his music director contacted the school (a very well know lady in music both at universities and conservatoires, they wouldn't play ball.
    Schools are so much about figures, targets and university entry, they don't provide info for those seeking to go onto apprenticeships and into work. All through the sixth form, assemblies, non lesson days etc are all about going to university and everyone is expected to attend , listen and apply even when they are firm in the knowledge of what they want to do.
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      I am a primary school teacher.

      We have to teach: Literacy, Numeracy, Art, DT, French, PE, History, Geography, Science, RE, French, PSHE, and Music. We also have to have a daily assembly.

      In the morning, Literacy and Numeracy take over, leaving just 10 hours across the rest of the week for the other subjects

      2 hours are lost to PE. Leaving 8 hours for another 10 subjects.

      The government expects our children to learn and love those subjects when exposed to them for just 45 minutes a weeks. Personally, I think it will have the opposite effect.


      That aside, I am quite prepared to say that our education system is flawed. Majorly flawed. There is no accommodation for children who are more practically minded. There is no place for those who are 'good with their hands'. Always the push is for better numeracy and literacy standards, but these are never (as far as I can see) put into the context of wood working, pottery, electrical wiring, decorating, motoring repairs.

      If someone has a great aptitude for dress making, then their writing and maths should focus on that skill.


      Education today has nothing to do with educating children. It about 'tick boxes and targets'. Free schools and acadamies are not free to teach children what they need to know. Don't let Michael Gove fool you.


      Rant over. Sign the petition.
      ~~The old ways are the future~~


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        With the exception of "2 hours is lost to PE" I agree with you, Lenny. I can't believe little 'uns can or need to take on that much of anything other than literacy, numeracy and then as much creativity as possible. I mean PSHE for 6 year olds? Why not just teach them how to interact/play nicely?

        I remember my school days as being very active, lots of play based activities, art and music, reading/writing and maths. What happened?

        Actually, you don't have to answer that, my sister is EYFS and I blame her entirely for the mess the 16 - 19 year olds I teach are in
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          Signed... (the boy once chased out of art class by the PE teacher to keep up with training for the team)


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            Signed every child should have the opportunity to learn as much as possible in all area's of learning. Diversity is the key not pushing children into little boxes
            So many projects, so little time




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              Originally posted by StefC View Post
              "2 hours is lost to PE"

              Actually, you don't have to answer that, my sister is EYFS and I blame her entirely for the mess the 16 - 19 year olds I teach are in
              Sorry. I know you know that I didn't use 'lost' as in 'wasted'

              I do not envy your sister. The amount of work that EYFS practitioners have to undertake is ridiculous. Children are no longer allowed to enjoy life - everything is so horribly prescriptive for them.

              The British educational system is wrong in so many ways. It is prescriptive, boring, and irrelevant. Children need to see WHY they are doing things rather than just doing them without any real reason.
              ~~The old ways are the future~~


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                S'OK Lenny, I'm just a little sensitive, PE/Sport Science is my job!

                Oh I did sign the petition! Anything that raises the possibility that kids can be allowed to be kids is deemed necessary in this house!
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                  Signed.... xx
                  Sarah x

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