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Plaster of paris / fine casting plaster

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  • Plaster of paris / fine casting plaster


    I'm sure this one will be a doddle.

    Where can I buy Plaster of Paris on the high street? I believe it's also called 'fine casting plaster'

    I'm sure I used to get it from the chemist but nobody seems to stock it anymore.


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    Larger branches of Boots stock it or at least should be able to order it.


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      Ah, Cheers.


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        BIG art and hobby shops
        or go to a proper artists supplier like Tiranti
        or scroll down this page and you should spot other suggestions. One says forget plaster of paris and go for the dental stuff.


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          I get mine from Kent Blaxill, decorator merchants, and amongst other things they sell its about £11 for 25kg ish give or take.


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            I tried the local Boots, another chemist and the local hardware store. At both chemists, I felt that because the staff were about 12 and couldn't even repeat what I'd asked for, they just went out back, mumbled among themselves then came back & said "Computer says no....."

            And apparently the hardware shop can't get hold of it either, which I found more surprising.

            So it looks like I'm going to have to order online, which is a bitch as it's quite heavy stuff. I might look into getting a massive bag from a builder's merchant if buying online is going to be expensive, which is a shame when I only need about 5 - 7 kg and the rest will be wasted.....


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              Nightofjoy - you can't be the only person in that position. Can I suggest you put a postcard in your local shop or go to your local freecycle and see if anyone can go halves with you. One thing you can do is put where you live in your profile. You might have a caster living next door but they won't think of 'speaking' up until they see their town. Some hobby or craft shops have a place for displaying cards.....


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                Ah. If I can get to a branch of THE RANGE or HOBBYCRAFT I'll be sorted. Here's a question though, is there any way I can reinforce the plaster? I was considering using a mix of water & acrylic paint instead of just water to plasticise the mix. Can anyone see why this might not work?