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  • Image Transfer Disaster-Saved

    Hi All, What a day!! Over the hols i set myself a little project based around a vector drawing of a motorbike & rider in colour. The idea was to cut a rectangular MDF plaque 6mm thick and profile the top edge around the shape of the cut out rider complete with alround bevelled edge. I then pretreated the mdf and waited til it was dry and sanded it smooth.

    Having masked off the area to be covered by the image i airbrush painted sparklescent orange and after two coats removed the masking image and postioned the mirrored print (T Shirt Transfer Paper) and ironed it as instructed. So far so good.!!

    Disaster struck!!! The Transfer Release Paper didn't release, in fact I couldn't have stuck it better with glue.!!

    I sanded it to no avail, soaked it with hot water and rubbed the backing off for over two hours during which some of the image was damaged, but it had transferred well.

    The fix: I outlined damaged areas with a drafting pen and airbrushed painted in the fades etc. Ignoring the paper/glue remnants i over painted the image with water based satin clear coat, distressed the orange under the bike for effect then repainted the border, fading inwards towards the bike.

    I'm fairly pleased with the final look albeit different than initially perceived

    Moral of the story: don't cheap transfer paper on such a difficult project.

    Thanks for reading and all the best for your crafting new year.

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    How terrifying!! But you're awesome to have kept your head and saved it all so well! Congratulations!!


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      BikerKeyRack01.jpgThanks so much. I just hate wasting the time and materials.

      I forgot to say, it's a motorbike key rack and I'm just adding a single cup hook. One more clear coat to go!!

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        Awesome Crafting Save!

        Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
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          At last I've found time to upload some pics. They're not very good photos as i took them with the iPad in poor light but they include the relevant biker key plaque.