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Is the financial climate getting you down?

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  • Is the financial climate getting you down?

    Were your takings a bit low last year? Feeling a bit fed up? I can't transport you to Chile (unless one of the suggestions below works!) but I can bring Chile's traditions to you.

    On New Year's eve try the following:
    1. Put money in your shoes. We are not sure if the amount of money has any bearing on how much will come your way in 2013 but we do know paper money is more comfortable than coins .
    2. Eat 12 grapes. Each one corresponds to a month. If the grape is sweet your life will be sweet, if it's sour...oh dear.....
    3. Eat a spoonful of lentils and look forwards to a financially prosperous year. Where did that come from? Be humble for a moment and get rich as a reward??????
    4. Want to travel? Walk around the block carrying a suitcase.
    5. Wear yellow underwear inside out on January 1st. My DIL swears by this one as it'll bring you loads of romance and a full wardrobe of new clothes .

    I don't think Chile is one of the Bric countries...yet.... but it's next door to Brazil so they must be doing something right.

    Brought to you by Anna of Little Chile ( who else?)