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What felt should i use for slippers?

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  • What felt should i use for slippers?

    I wanted to make some slippers like the ones bellow, what thickness of felt should I use? Is 3mm too thick? How about 2mm?

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    Hi. I think 3 mm is better, slippers need to be firm. At least, use 3 mm felt for the sole.


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      Of the two, I would also vote for 3mm, but can you find it a little thicker than that? Also, can you find wool felt that's machine pressed, or industrial strength, at least for the sole?

      You could always try knitting some squares and felting them really good, in the washing machine. Then cut out the pieces for these cute slippers, from them. Your felt would be somewhat bumpy looking, but the slippers would still be cute. But the felt would be VERY sturdy and thick...if you used bulky yarn. You could also wet felt some wool (not yarn) to the thickness you want, so it wouldn't turn out bumpy looking.


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        Ooooo Cosmic. Does that work? As if I haven't got enough projects on the go......but....dreaming on......if I knitted a colourful something, like a fairisle pattern, or like a face or teddy or something, then threw it in the washing machine....does it shrink and bond and change the look - like fuzzing the edges? This has possibilities.....


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          It shrinks A LOT, Anne darling...proceed with caution!


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            Visions of Sprucee knitting room sized slippers then trying to stuff one of them into her washing machine.....


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              That's why I suggested making the felt in squares first, then cutting out the pieces as in the pics she posted.


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