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  • share your crafty gifts

    I know that Christmas isn't all about the gifts (I did the sermon yesterday!), BUT.....
    What Crafty gifts did you receive?

    I got a resin casting kit which I shall begin in the new year perfecting my technique. I also hoarded a great deal of wrapping paper yesterday and started a collection of quality street wrappers.
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    I got some Christmas fabric, patchwork templates, a stitch bible. In my work secret santa I got a load of knitting stuff.

    My daughter got some of those beads you make into patterns on a grid then iron so they fuse together, and some special bendy fabric. I haven't yet looked at the bendy fabric stuff. I have no idea what it will be like.
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      I got various stamp sets, punches, dies and embellishments. I'm having a play with them now. I'm into vintage style and I'm trying to experiment with steampunk and altered art but not too good at it yet.


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        I got a couple of embroidery hoops for free motion embroidery on my sewing machine.

        OH also surprised me with a bag of scraps. Given he looks at my stash with something close to despair I was moved to giggle. The scraps are a mix of upholstery material, cottons and long thready bits, wool lengths, tapes and ribbons. He read one of my books and thought I could make textured material with it. He even included some spray mount so I could get things fixed down before I sew.

        To top it off he has just found the little packet he was looking for (I had to pretend not to notice the panic as he was ill yesterday and that would have made him feel worse). He also read the instruction book for my machine and bought me a 2 piping feet and a darning foot.... they are the right ones, so there really is no stopping me.
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          I got a sewing book. I did my first (and only) bit of machine sewing a couple of years ago, and I've wanted to start experimenting. So now I have a book full of ideas and instructions, yay!

          I also got a book of questions and answers about crochet. I love it. Only thing I don't like is the fact that a few of the pages are in some other language. How strange...

          Me and my sister gave my mammy a sewing bible (ooohh I can look at it AND mine!) and a pair of pinking shears. I gave my daddy a book on leatherwork, and my sister a wee bag to keep her knitting in. We're all crafty and there's loads of ideas flyin about!