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  • Nail Gun or Stapler Advice


    I'm aiming to make a basket in the new year. It uses coiled cane to make the body, which looks to be tacked together with panel pins every couple of inches.

    What would be the best way of driving these pins through the cane? It's likely that the cane will be damp, after having been soaked to make it flexible. I don't have a compressor to use anything too industrial, but I was just wondering if there are any handheld devices out there which may make the job easier for me. I'd estimate that the cane would be no thicker than 10mm, so each pin or staple would need to be no longer than about 18mm to fire through the first diameter of cane & sink 8mm into the second, perhaps a little less.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.



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    Brad air nail gun by SGS Engineering in support of 10mm to 50mm nails, is designed to offer consistent, precise air-powered nailing. Reach the summit of in support of attaching threadlike strips and delicate trim to your lumber working projects. It has a magazine capability of 100 nails, connotation you won't give birth to reload too often, and the light substance of 1.5kg (not together with nails) is ideal in support of numerous wood-working tasks.

    Hope you have benefited to see small suggestion...
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      Not really, he asked the question 8 years I’ve removed the link, we don’t allow advertising.

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