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Ebay Confusion!!

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  • Ebay Confusion!!

    I've sold stuff on ebay before, but when i went on it tonight the selling bit seems to have changed and i'm all confused!!
    Where before you uploaded photos from your computer now it has a space where you are supposed to put the picture url in the box, it dosnt seem to have anywhere to upload them.
    My pictures are stored in my computer, so they don't have an url do they?
    Sorry being a bit dim but don't know why they've changed it??
    How do i get a photo on there??

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    Are you sure it's loaded properly. I've just had a look to see the URL thingy and can't find it. Ebay has updated but it's kept the upload photographs boxes...although sometimes your spyware and activex controls go a bit wonky when the box appears to upload the pics.
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      Just checked my Ebay shop and its the same as far as I can see - you select add photo, go to 'enhanced' and then click the 'upload' button. You can then select the photo you want from your own files. Not sure why its asking you for an URL??
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        I was listing on Ebay last night & I noticed there are two options when you go into sell, there is quick sell and advanced, if you click on the advanced option, you get onto the original selling format and I uploaded my photos from my computer as usual, with no problems....



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          Thanks all,
          just did it again and the photo thingy was back to normal, not sure what happened there!!