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where is the best (cheapest) place to buy.....

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  • where is the best (cheapest) place to buy.....

    felt that has a wool content and large quantities of small mixed colour buttons. i get a large sheet of lovely felt 12incX12inc at my local craft shop for £1.50 but i would like to get that price down but cant find anywere cheaper on line.
    im looking for different colours to make christmas decorations and other felt things and i use the buttons to decorate trees on santa sacks that i like to make so i go throught tones and tonnes and they are sooooo expensive.
    can anyone help?

    (to be honest scrap felt would be fine too i think)

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    If you want felt with a wool content, it's simply going to cost about that. I get 100% wool felt sheets of various sizes from and etsy shop here called Felt on the Fly. It's approved for making items for children. It's $3 for an 8x12 inch sheet - smaller than what you are now buying, and more expensive. So you might check etsy, folksy, etc., on that side of the pond. Also, another member (craftdancer) has a friend who's a felter...

    I wonder if she could make felt sheets for you?

    Would you be interested in learning to make felt in sheets? Maybe you could corner the UK market! =D


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      thanks for that advice. the website you attached is amazing. im no way as good at her (atm) perhaps in 10 years lol x
      i have seen a site on eay and im going to ask for a sample to see if any good. i didnt realise how much poor quality felt is out there until i got caught on ebay a few months ago. what kind of things do you like to make cosmic?


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        Originally posted by taytotayto View Post
        what kind of things do you like to make cosmic?
        I love to make needle felted critters and Santas, but for those I use wool roving and wool by the ounce, specifically for needle felting. I got some poor quality once, too - it was the lumpiest bunch of wool - absolutely could not be needle felted smoothly! It had little mats in it that I couldn't even comb out! I ended up using it to felt some of my soap, which was a good use for didn't need to be so smooth.

        The felt sheets I buy - they're for sewing together into little stuffed elves, doll shapes, and for making clothes for cork elves and fairies, etc., and little tree ornaments. Mostly little projects I do with my grandkids.

        Also, I knit the occasional giant bag and felt it - that's fun! I've made a felted hat that was knitted first, too - it turned out really nice.

        Fiber, fiber, fiber!! I love working with fiber!

        I would love to hear about your Christmas ornaments...have you posted about them anywhere else yet?
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          I think asking for good quality, wool content and cheap in one and the same item is stretching things a bit, to be honest.


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            I can't help with the felt (although depending on what you're using it for, you could perhaps knit/crochet with felting wool in squares and then felt it yourself?) but I would suggest looking for buttons in second hand shops. It's a great way to find quirky vintage buttons as well.


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              no not yet , i need a day to myself to get my act together. lol x


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                No pressure - when it happens, well, that's when it happens! =)


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                  ebay is really good for things like this