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    One of our booth neighbors at our regular market gave us a pint jar of cake-in-a-cup mix for a little Christmas prezzie. I hadn't heard of it but apparently it's fairly popular! It would make a good office gift or stocking stuffer, especially if you included a small cup (microwave safe) and a cute little scoop.

    It's one box of angel food cake mix, and one box of cake mix of your choice. Mix them together (dry) thoroughly. It has to be thorough! Then pour this dry mix into pint jars. Our booth neighbor gave us a jar of red velvet mix. They had decorated the jar and made a Christmassy label. You put 3 level Tbs in the cup, and 2 Tbs of milk or water. Stir, and nuke for one minute.

    I just had some (yes, for breakfast!) and it was great! I think I'll make another cup-cake!

    It doesn't rise a lot, so make it a small cup - it makes about the size of a small cupcake.

    If you need to make little token gifts for office or other, put some of this in a pint jar and put Christmas fabric on top of the lid, and screw on the lid ring. (canning jars) Stick on a Christmas label with the directions. Tie a piece of red or green twine around the screw-on-ring part of the lid, and add the gift tag, and maybe a little scoop!
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