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  • Sale or return agreement

    I have the opportunity of selling my items through a small local shop, on sale or return, and just paying them commission on what they sell for me.
    Obviously, I need to protect my items, and wondered if anyone out there has an off-the-shelf agreement they use in these situations?

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    Be very careful that they display your items. I once had this type of agreement and the vendor put the items in an out of the way place. He did not sell many and was quite scathing that he only sold a few. Not surprising as only the really keen could have found them.

    Make sure that you know where they will be displayed, for how long, and whether they will contact you to say that your good have gone or not. There is no point in leaving them in a shop where they do not sell. Don't be afraid to follow things up.


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      This is the basis of what I use
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        Thank you


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          Check whether your items are insured by them against damage or theft too.
          Important to check who is going to be manning the shop. If it is some don't care any old person then likelyhood of sales will plummet.
          My local made in lancashire opened a shop in my town ) and wanted me to put stuff in . I declined and every time I walked past the shop was empty and there was an obviously bored person sitting there - complete waste of time and money I would guess.
          The problem with some set ups like this is that the people organising might be good at some stuff but are without great knowledge of retail and how to actually generate sales