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Tag Cutter / Die confusion

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  • Tag Cutter / Die confusion

    Hi all

    We are looking to make our own gift tags. I've looked at the Sizzex Big Shot but I am confused. Is a die the tag shape to insert inside the machine to cut a tag?

    Can anyone recommend a tag cutter (not a punch tag mini cutter) as we are looking for a tag that looks a little more elegant.

    I'm am completely confused.
    Any layman type replies welcome!

    Bath Bomb Creations

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    Yes the die is the shape used to cut a tag. I have a big shot and you can get dies for a lot of different tags in both shape and size. Have a look on their website to see if they have what you are looking for. The Big shot will take many different manufacturers dies too so you are not limited to just theirs.

    I am bit biased cos I totally love my Big Shot but I would say that unless you are going to be using it a lot its an expensive option just for tags.


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      Another big shot fan here...and a teeny word of warning when looking for dies ... do check the details of the size of the finished cut out...many sites list the size of the die itself...a 5" square die will not produce a 5" die cut shape. This is even more important if you are buying a die that cuts a 3D item...the finished assembled item is often way smaller than you might expect. I have seen many a disappointed crafter who did not check the dimensions.

      There are lots of gorgeous shapes out there that would make fabulous tags...some of the spellbinders are quite lovely...that said, depending on the number required a punch might be easier...

      Hope you find what you are looking for


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        Im a bit of a tag addict, using them as toppers on cards. Stampin Up do some really nice tags in various sizes. Some have a nice punched pattern around the edge. If you go on their website you will be able to find a local demonstrator. There are angel policies which may restrict professional/business use.


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          Hi Christa
          Many thanks for the help. We've got to buy something and start making some .... Happy New Year...


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            Thanks so much for the reply. I found the big shot in hobbycraft altho haven't bought it. We need something for tags altho we won't be making tons. Once we find wholesale gift boxes (not as easy as it sounds!) then we can look at a cost effective cutter. Would you say stick to a punch hole tag cutter if we aren't making much? Happy New Year, Lesley


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              Bigshot is usually cheaper at The Range. Its usually £59.99 for the machine, multipurpose platform and cutting pads.

              Its depends what shaped tags you want to cut. You can cut basic luggage shaped tags by hand if you draw round a template you buy or make. You can buy a single hole punch.


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                I too am a Bigshot fan and found country view crafts a good source of supplies and inspiration.

                You could even make your own gift boxes using the crafters companion which will save you money in the long term.



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                  I am another big shot fan and I use it all the time. There are lots ot tag shaped dies around at the moment: some very fancy and some just a very simple shape. I use craft bag for most of my dies, as they have a huge selection and their prices are very reasonable in general. The cuttlebug is also a popular die cutting system and it is a bit cheaper than the big shot.

                  Aside from a die cutting system, as CraftyChez says, you could use a template to cut your tags by hand, though this won't give such a professional finish, and it depends on how many tags you'll be needing to cut, as this is time consuming!

                  Hope this helps, and all the best.


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                    Lilly crafter - if the tag is the luggage tag with a pointed top it can be drawn then cut out with a paper trimmer. I agree that other shapes won't look quite so good by hand.


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                      Yes it definitely can be cut with a trimmer: that will save time but it'll look pretty neat too. You can find paper trimmers at fairly low prices, especially if they're small like the kind of one it sounds would be good for you and your tag cutting.


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                        Dovecraft do a template sheet for different kinds of tags if you want to cut them by hand.