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  • It's me!! :)

    Hello everybody....

    It really has been quite a while since I've managed to spend some time in here with you all and I'm sure so much has being going on.

    As most of you know, its not been a great year for us at all but we have been managing to muddle through and get on with it........a case of having to really otherwise lay down and be done with

    These past two months have been pretty bad as I had surgery to remove my gall bladder and managed to get a bad infection in my wound...........after fighting it for 6 weeks and getting better, both me and Wyatt woke up with chest infections/flu which laid us out for over a week and eating only soup and crackers.

    Finally can say we are feeling better and for me its really strange after 2 months of not being able to do hardly anything, to be able to wash a few dishes up......sounds daft I know but thats how its been

    I am so late in christmas and have not even been able to get out and buy my christmas cards, nevermind writing and sending them...eeeek.... so tomorrow its off to buy them and then take out a loan to buy the stamps!! lol

    I can imagine most of you have been mega busy with the lead up to christmas, and I bet most of your trees and decorations are up and presents wrapped and underneath them.........

    I am going to see if I can peek in every day now and catch up with whats been going on........

    Nice to be back...

    Pauline xx
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    Nice to have you back. Missed you in the secret santa this year!

    Hows Wyatt?
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      Hello Pauline. So nice to see you back hale and hearty. Hope the trend continues.
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        Welcome back!! I'm pleased you are feeling better, it doesn't sound like it's been much fun for you.
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          Welcome back Pauline! Onwards and upwards one step at a time. You'll get there.

          Don't overdo it - if you don't manage to post Christmas cards this year, then I'm sure everyone will understand why. Your health is the thing you have to think about first.
          Annie and Lyn


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            Welcome back Pauline. I'm sorry you've been having such a rotten time, but hope both you and Wyatt will continue to improve and remain healthy throughout the reason of the winter.



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              Good to see you back Pauline and sorry to hear about your health problems, I'm sure everyone will understand if they don't get cards etc this year they'll just be glad to know you're on the mend.
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                awww thank you for the welcome backs .... been away for what seems such a long time that was not sure if I would still be

                Wyatt never regained feeling down his left side and the chances now are very slim that it will happen - he has managed to get control over 2 of his fingers which is great and gets around the house quite well without his stick on good days. We are waiting for our friends to bring round a portable mobile scooter that I got a great price on and Wyatt can't wait to have a go on it. We was going to hire one for when we go to Lanzarote next March but the airlines will take this one for free so have saved again.

                Thankfully his migrain headaches are very few and far between these day and his depression is under control - all in all, we have managed to get into a routine between us both and we have made a huge decision to buy a small caravan next year so we can travel and get out more!

                Yes, its going to be up to me to drive it, but hey ho, I know there are loads of women out there that drive caravans, so why not me . We have a great friend who will not be allowing me on the road until he has given me as much coaching as he can and for the first few times they will be travelling alongside us in their camper van so watch this

                Yes, I'm sure those that know us will understand if they don't get any cards this year and I have checked that the last posting date is a few days away yet so hopefully I will manage to get some, if not all of them out this year.

                We are having a quiet christmas, going to friends on christmas day and having our family christmas day on new year's day - the rest of the time we are more than happy to chill out in front of the tv, just the two of us with nibble and a bottle of wine for me

                Pauline xx
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                  Oh Pauline you poor things!

                  You have been in the wars haven't you.

                  I'm glad to hear you are on the mend, and how great that you are getting a caravan. One of my members on the polyclay forum is an american lady who drives around one of those big motorhomes. I am sure you will soon get used to it and will love the freedom it give you both to get out there and enjoy the country
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                    Welcome back Pauline, glad to hear that you are both 'on the up' again. We have lots of those mobile scooters in our town, a combination of a very steep high street and a batricar factory here. I'm sure Wyatt will be whizzing about in no time.
                    We are thinking of getting a small caravan for next year too. Like you it will give us freedom to just pack up and go when the weather is good. I'm sure you will get the hang of pulling it quite quickly, especially as you will have someone to teach you.
                    This will be a good xmas for you both - even if you don't manage to get all the cards sent.



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                      Hi, Pauline! Driving around in a caravan sounds like a lot of great, fun adventure, especially in driving! Glad you have such a good tutor!

                      Glad you and Wyatt are getting over the respiratory infections, and you've recovered from your surgery and infection. That really does sound rough!

                      How's Henry?