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I'm Back! And I need help finding this gingerbread man!

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  • I'm Back! And I need help finding this gingerbread man!

    Hi everyone!

    It really has been a long time since I have been on here - I have been working towards my OU degree and not had much spare time for crafting! So apologies for not keeping up to date with all the fabulous stuff you have been creating!

    I could really do with some help! I want to have a gingerbread theme for my Christmas Day decorations, and while searching for a die for my big shot I found these cute little fellows being sold by several different people: (file attached - that's new since I was last here!)

    Wherever I search however, I can't find the die to cut ones like that with heart buttons. This person calls them sizzix die cuts but the sizzix one doesn't look like that, I think people say things like that on eBay so they are more easily found. I have even checked cricut cartridges, slice design cards etc and nowhere is there a gingerbread man like that!

    Has anyone seen him or know where he could be found?

    i would appreciate all suggestions! Thanks!

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    Why not use a plain gingerbreadman cutter and a small heart cutter.


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      Thanks harebell, it's a good idea to do that although I would probably need one of those all over the page heart cutters wouldn't I?

      Surely this die must exist if several people are using it?!!

      Oh well, I can compromise! It's just so strange!


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        Only thing I can think of is that its a retired die they have from ages ago. Maybe just worth buying the ready cut gingerbread men!

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          Yeah I wondered that too. Typical if they have retired the cutest one!

          Thanks for helping - I did decide to admit defeat and buy the ready cut ones a couple of days ago but everyone seemed to be selling them in packs of different shades and I wanted all the same. I contacted one of the sellers and she was sooooo unhelpful and said she might be able to do it but she was busy so it wouldn't be for several days at least - and then she said it would be £2 postage! For some die cuts!

          i thnk I'm going to give up and buy the sizzix one with round buttons! Otherwise I will end up with nothing at this rate!


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            Outrageous! What about buying a die cut with no buttons and punching hearts to stick on the die cut?

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              Yay I found a cuter one! It's a cottage cutz one! He is a gingerbread chef with heart buttons! I forgot how nice their dies are! I am now writing a wish list with all their other does on it lol!