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    Hi everyone

    I am sorting our spare room out into a craft workshop for moi! - But not sure where to start or what to put in it - I've got a dining table I can use but what else do I need storage wise - need something for all my cards, crafts, interior design course stuff, soft furnishings course stuff - aaahh alot of room is what I need!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - anybody who has a little section for their crafts I would be grateful if you could help me with ideas how to set up and organise my space. Any storage ideas (cheap and cheerful!!)



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    Don't know how homely/ cosy you want to keep the furnishings, but I have a couple of those tall 4 drawer filing cabinets in my indoor space. I just use them as drawers, they swallow loads of stuff, and can be picked of for the price of a desert at your local semi respectable eatery, as offices are always turfing them out.

    They're allways coming up on freecycle, if you know what that is.

    Google can enlighten you if you don't

    I also find a window in front of me when I work is a must if possible. Even if I don't necessarily need the natural light I find it kind of rests the eyes a bit if you can look up and outside.

    But you probably knew that anyway. - Unusual Handcrafted Wooden Creations.


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      We have set our spare bedroom up as my workshop and I have two work benches in there, one to sit and paint and craft at, the other has my fret saw on so where I cut things out on. I then have a couple of those plastic 4 drawer trolley things you can pick up in the Range or most DIY stores etc which I am supposed to keep all my paints, fimo etc in, but is usually always strewn all over the place as being creative quite often means creating clutter too!! I have big wide shelves above one of the work benches where I store some wood and also leave bits to dry etc, although they also hang from all over other surfaces whilst drying too, including the exercise bike and tumble dryer in there!!! Finally I have a tv, and a cd player in there because I like to be able to have something on in the background as I am working.

      Would love to have an incredibly organised, tidy craft room, but it just aint going to happen for me!!
      Jo x

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