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    Hi all. (not sure if this is the right category)

    wondering if someone with sewing machine knowledge can help me out?

    I am looking for a sewing machine, mainly I am starting off, so nothing to fancy and expensive and pref, something easy to use. I am wanting to make cushions etc... and any normal repairs around the home. I will be experimenting to learn.

    Every time I do a google search, obviously everyone sells the 'best' machine

    So if anyone can give me some advice for a beginner i'd be grateful.

    Thanks so much

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    sorry forgot to add, I would like to know what requirements I should be looking for, Ebay have deals so i can search there but i'm after what I should be looking for.



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      Hi Ree,
      When I started out sewing (many years ago now) my first sewing machine was bought with tax rebate you used to get when you got married! It was a Singer, and I found it great, all it did was stitch straight and zigzag but it was enough for me to start with. Since then I've had quite a few sewing machines and been asked for advice many times as to which machine is best. I think nowadays, most of the makes are pretty sound, my daughter has one from John Lewis which does the job perfectly well. My main piece of advice is don't get one that's lightweight, even though this is advertised as being a bonus - it's not. When you sew your machine bounces all over the place and drives you mad. Also don't get one of the mini ones, unless you're only going to use it very occasionally. Much better to put your money into a decent machine.
      Hope this helps.


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        thanks Ivy, Yes thats a help, its just a mine field looking around?????? I'm not going to be making heavy duty curtains or anything, but my main focus is understanding the machine, and getting used to it really and choosing one which is not light weight as you say i will def look for for.


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          Sewing is my life so I know a bit about sewing machines.

          I would recommend that, if money is tight, you go to a sewing machine dealership and see what they have second hand. They often take machines in part exchange, service them and then sell them on. You will get a much better machine for a lot less money. Very often the dealers will take the machine back again when you want to upgrade. They will also demonstrate what the machine does and advise as to whether it is suitable for your purpose.

          Personally, I think the best machines are still Berninas. They are very expensive though, even second hand. Janome, Brother, Husqvarna are all good. Singer are not what they were. I would buy a second hand one, but not a new one.

          I would not recommend you buy a retailer branded one, even though it may seem very good value for money. John Lewis, Dunelm, Lidl, etc. etc. are best to be avoided. I would also avoid ebay as it is rare that you get a genuine bargain.

          I agree that you don't want anything lightweight. Not if you are going to do furnishings.

          Hope that's helpful.
          I sew, therefore I am.
          I apologise in advance for any spelling or grramatical errors, I'm on tablets - no, no - I'm on a tablet.