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  • Nows the time to say goodbye...

    ...nows the time to yeild a sigh(oh yield it yield it)nows the tiiiime to wend our wayyyyiiiiii until we meeet agaaaaiiiiin some suuuuniiiiiiii day...goodbye.... goodbye im leaving you skiddleee bye gooooodbye fwoartataata fwortatata

    Yes folks, its my last day in this hell hole.I feel sick, I cant tell if thats because im still here or because my future is uncertain.But as of tomorrow I wont be here much.

    I apologise for being such a crud moderator, also for waffling on about nothing much but this place has been a life saver.

    Bye bye my lovely people.Il try and pop in each day as i have to check my emails (to see if anyones bouaght anything) but basically you will only be subjected to maybe one or two posts from me a day.

    Only 8 and a half hours to go until Im freeeeeee.

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    Don't leave us!!! Who will clean up after the horse?

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      Good luck with the job hunt but remember you haven't really left your job for another month yet so look on it as a really long holiday!! Enjoy yourself for a bit you need to after the time you have had at that hell hole.

      The pefrect job will drop into your lap - I know it will. And you just get on this forum as much as you can!!!

      Good luck.


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        Awe Sweet it's only "Onwards and Upwards "from here.

        Keep telling you when you are some fancy London Desigmer you wont even talk too us.

        Anyway you have to keep posting where will all the crazy stories about PEAS or Whats for Dinner come from

        Speak soon
        Janice x


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          ....that's it. Off you go. Leaving us.

          Turning your back on us. Twice a day.....that's nearly as bad as me!

          No, I'm just kidding. You will feel much better once you leave that horrible place. I really hope they are totally stuffed to replace you. Watch them struggle then! But they'd never be magnanimous enough to admit they were wrong and they treated you so badly.

          Good luck with whatever you do next, but please come back more often....we'll miss you.

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            Thanks you gooorgeous people.

            Can you beleive my 'verbal warning' boss DID know I was leaving!!
            There was a doo at his house on saturday and his wife says to me 'so I hear your moving on'.Had to bite my tongue to not reply 'yeaah, I was driven out by your husband'.
            Then this morning my boss says something like 'How do you feel?Its your last day.'
            I tried to reply in a ' stick your job up your bum' kind of way but my enthusiasm for sarcasm has all drained away.
            Cant beleiev he hasnt said anything sooner.

            Thanks guys,Ill be sitting patiently waiting to be discovered by Jean Paul Gaultier or Tiffanys.


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              What will mr M say when the number of posts drops significantly. Everyone get posting so he doesn't discover that seahorse has escaped the clutches of the forum.

              Best of luck with the job hunt.... at least you'll be motivated ..... coz ya can't buy beads if you have no job!
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                Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post

                ... coz ya can't buy beads if you have no job!
                hehe, Ive been saving since the dawn of time, I wont put the thousands towards a house, me thinks I shall buy beads!!!


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                  Good Luck for your future, i'm sure you will come visit us you know you love us!!

                  It's weird when people react like that to someone leaving, it happened to me years ago, i had a row with my boss about money, (basically they had given the people that worked the opposite shift a pay rise and had told them not to tell us!!!!) so it came to either i get the same or i'm off, everyone on my shift agreed with me in a (yeh go for it you tell them, we're right behind you' kind of way) but when it came down to it i was the only one with the balls to stick to it, it was the principle, i'd rather have been eating beans on toast forever than work for them after that!!
                  So i handed in my notice, and not one of the bosses said a word to be about it until the very last shift when i got a rather sarcastic card from one of them saying i should be doing it for my place in heaven, not for the money ( they were nuns, need i say more)
                  Well i could have spat i can tell you, it makes you feel like all the extra miles you do for your work just were totally overlooked.
                  Anyway sorry for blabbing on what i mean to say is it was a major descion at the time but now it was the best thing i ever did, as now i have a job which i absolutely love working for great people who appreciate me.
                  And you will get the same, you'll see.


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                    I hope so.I have little fantasies where Im in a job and I suggest something and the person goes 'Thats a good idea!!' and Im really happy.Its a dream, maybe one day.

                    I was going to treat myself to a chinese tonight but I think even this job has ruined my appetite.

                    Plus my pal that I email about everything is off today(I didnt realise) so my last email to her was really last week, not today.

                    Plus my lunch spilled out of the tupperware box into my bag and I got beetroot juice all over my apple and grain bar.I seem to be plagued by bad luck.

                    Sorry to moan.


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                      I'll still lost at why you have less time to be on the forum when you leave your job ?

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                        Might be because she will have to fight for time on the home puter - get more tinternet time done when I'm at work cause the puter is mine all mine Mwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!



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                          This is all a bit a laptop!! Good luck horsey - you'll land on your feet.


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                            Originally posted by Beadsage View Post
                            Good luck horsey - you'll land on your feet.
                            We all know you will! This is the big scary step you needed to be able to move onto bigger and better (and happier) things.

                            Good luck, enjoy your month's holiday and don't forget us all can stretch it to 3 times a day surely
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                              Hehe, thanks guys.
                              Sorry Mr M.The only reason I started making jewellery is because my jobs so dull I had to fill time, plus I joined a load of forums(this is my favourite).Uh oh, that almost sounded like I had something to thank this job for!

                              If I had a choice im afraid I wouldnt sit infront of a computer all day, ever!!

                              I really need a job where I move around, work off some of this botty fat Ive accumilated since Ive been here.


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