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  • Die Cutting ... Which One

    I'm am trying to choice a die-cutting machiene but there seems to be some many different manufacturers and then numerous different styles from each one. I am a beginner and only make cards for personal use. I ahve limited space to keep my quickly growing stash.

    I was wondering if people would give me their experiences and recomendations so I can try and make and informed purchase

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    I have a cuttlebug and love it. It's really easy to use, takes up minimum space and is truely a great machine for embossing.
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      Like Em, I have a Cuttlebug and love it. It's very easy, and very tolerant!

      I buy the dies from eBay and have just placed an order from a seller in the USA - even with shipping, his dies were cheaper than in the shops here.

      I also have a Sidekick for smaller things. That's very hand if you only want one or two cuts. HAving said that, if you get the long cutting plates - say for ther alphabets - you can get several single dies in a line between the plates and pass them through the machine.

      I do like the Sidekick, but it's usually the Cuttlebug that comes out!


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        I love the Cuttlebug as well also my Quickutz i also have the Sizzix the side kick and the big shot but i dont use them very much at all

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          can I ask why is the Cuttlebug more popular with you all than the Sizzix?
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            I've got a red Sizzix and use it constantly - got Sizzix dies plus the thin Sizzletts, Ellison, Cuttlebug (the dies are totally fab!), Quickutz, Double Do....

            So can't comment on the Cuttlebug machine, but I love my red Sizzix!!