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  • Panic!!

    I am off to my first Craft Fair tomorrow and am starting to doubt my abilities.
    Will anyone like my stuff or am I going to spend a few hours getting more and more depressed.

    Glad I am taking my sister in law along for a bit of moral support

    Will let you all know how it goes.


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    Good Luck! Hope you enjoy it and do well.


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      Good luck from me too! Remember just because someone else doesn't like your stuff doesn't make it bad, it just means they have no taste!!
      Anice xx
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        Well I'm back and I sold some things.....not the things I expected to sell but who cares.....and I made a small profit once the table and petrol money are taken out. Not bad for a 2hr fair.

        Now waiting for the 15th when it is an all day job...think I will take a book ,or my Crochet, just in case there, were some very quiet spells this morning.

        One happy bunny signing off



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          Well done!

          I'm due to do my second craft fair next Sunday (9th) so good luck for the 15th!


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            Good luck to you both!
            My next (and last) one is on 8th.

            Have just come back from Christmas shopping, spent a fortune but who cares.. shattered, as well.

            Himself asked if we needed any Christmas cards...... for an intelligent man he can be a bit thick sometimes... I've got loads of the darn things.

            I'm sending him up into the loft soon to get the wrapping paper down so we can get the pressies wrapped, and while he's at it the fairy lights can come down to for checking over. I don't want to leave it to the last minute to find that the lights are busted!


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              Well I'm back and I sold some things.....not the things I expected to sell but who cares.....
              Sounds about right - exactly the same thing happens with me.

              I always take something to do - firstly because I get bored if it's quiet and secondly if you are actually creating something people will quite often come over and look and talk to you - and you never know, they might even buy something! I would advise against taking a book unless your stuff is really saleable - from a customer point of view if I see a stallholder sat with their nose buried in a book I assume they're not interested in what is going on in the room and I don't even look at their table (might be just me though).

              Anyway, I'm sure you won't need anything to do 'cos you'll be far too busy selling things!



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                Originally posted by Nijani View Post
                Not bad for a 2hr fair.
                only 2 hours... wow, hardly time for a cuppa!
                Congrats on selling some stuff, what is it that you sold?..and did you take a bit of everything with you?
                Doing nothing is harder than it looks!
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                  Well done. Where did you go for two hours and make money ?

                  Well done again !!!!

                  Cheers Janice


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                    Well done! I've done some really good ones and others which have just bombed! Take a good book, make sure you are warm enough and take a pack up with a large flask of coffee. Enjoy the day and if you make a profit then

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                      What sold.....

                      In answer to What did you sell?..

                      First off, before the fair had even opened one of the teachers bought a Wide Scarf/Wrap that I had Crocheted in beige mohair bobbled borders and pale multi-coloured ribbon yarn blocks. ....wasn't even going to take it along as I thought it would be too pricey. But, after reading through some posts on here decided to take a bit of everything and it paid off, so thanks for the tips guys.

                      Also sold 2 scarves, one knitted one crocheted and a green and gold knitted furry bag, which was lovely, if I say it myself. Made up some fluffy crocheted hair scrunchies too, as cheap bits for the kids as it was a school fair, and sold 4 of those.

                      I think my sister in law has got her eye on one of the other bags too so that may be away over the next few days.

                      I have also managed to pick up a few orders from the day job colleagues too for delivery before Xmas, so things are going quite well.

                      Good luck to the rest of you with your fairs over the next few weeks, if you are anything like me you are trying to fit in Christmas Shopping and a couple of parties too, so once the holidays start properly relax and enjoy a bit of crafting just for the fun of it!




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                        Good luck matey.