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  • Recycling Soap

    Hi All,

    I have started collecting used soap with the view of distributing out to my local homeless shelter.

    I am struggling to find any good sources of information on the best way to do this.

    Initially I thought I would just put the soap together and melt it down... but does anyone know if this is likely to cause any problems in terms of PH levels..or anything else?

    I also wondered about the cleanliness of the soap - I believe bacteria won't be an issue but what about clearing it of impurities; hair etc?

    Any tips, sources... anything, greatly appreciated... this post is my very first step on this project, post initial idea so please excuse any daft assumptions!


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    We recent;ly had a programme on the BBC called war time farm and they gathered the scraps of soap. Screwed it up in a piece of cloth and lowered it into hot water. then screwed it tighlty up to form a ball.

    I would personally thing that it would be very unhygenic and possibly a health risk. I rmember when I was nursing going around with swabs and collecting soap samples and getting some amazing cultures grown from them. That's why the soap in hospitals started being dispenced from machines.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      You can use old soap to make washing power.
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        I think you are to be commended for wanting to help the homeless and for recycling, however, I think the homeless deserve new soap.

        As BBD said, used soap is not very hygenic. The temps used to melt it would not be high enough to kill bacteria and germs. Also, soap, as it gets used, absorbs some water and other stuff (sloughed skin??), so no telling what it's pH is after being used by who knows who. It isn't very appealing sounding.

        Straining would not work well - soap is quite thick when melted down.

        The shelter may not accept used soap. They also have health and safety standards to meet.

        I think you should learn to make soap and donate it! Soap making is fun!