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  • etsy tips..

    As a lot of you guys are now using etsy I thought I'd give you a massive tip to help..

    Most of you have a site with the same items as your etsy store...

    This is massive problem in regards to search engines as you should never duplicate content...

    So my big tip is the fact that you can take 2 angles to a single item..

    First change the title, even if its just swapping the word around e.g.
    Your own site item title: Long Blue Crystal Necklace
    Etsy item title: A long necklace with blue crystals

    The description is just as important.. Re-write it or get someone else to write it... You again can say the same thing but change the order/wording..

    This will then double the chance of people finding you on search engines..

    Hope that helps some of you..

    Please add your top tips

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