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  • Pay Pal Question

    I have accumulated a bit of money in my pay pal account, and now am stuck what to do with it???
    Is there a way to get to it, or do i have to just buy stuff with it from that account?

    Confusssssssed.. sorry you know i'm a bit dippy with things like this..

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    you just click on withdraw somewhere near the top and follow the steps youcan transfer it into your account free of charge if its over £50 and i think its 25p if its less than £50.
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      You can make a withdrawal by adding a bank account.. If withdraw more than £50 its free...

      Hope that helps..

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        or you can just keep it in there and have a little savings account
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          Glad you asked the question . I would like the answer to that one too!!!

          Cheers Janice

          Waiting in anticipation at getting my hands on some cash


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            I linked my abbey business account to mine.
            Now i have a dilemma, which gives me more interest, Abbey or Paypal!!??


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              Ah will have a looksee...
              Seahorse i don't think you get interest on a paypal account do you??
              Thanks all


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                No interest on paypal!
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                  Nope no interest on Paypal - best to transfer it to your bank account - as long as you have £50 or more. Says it can take 5 to 7 days to transfer but mines never taken that long.



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                    Originally posted by candles by lisa View Post
                    Says it can take 5 to 7 days to transfer but mines never taken that long.

                    Mine's never that long either.

                    I leave a float in mine of about £50 in case I want to buy new materials with it. I agree its a good way to save up for something though as it takes a few days to transfer so its not so easy to impulse buy with it. Boots now take Paypal, its good that some of the major retailers are accepting it.


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                      I leave mine in there (well most of it but do sometimes have a littlw spree), if it was in my bank account it would be eaten up by my overdraft so it makes me feel like i have a bit of
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                        I leave a little float in mine just in case I see something on eBay I fancy... I didn't know that Boots are taking it now. I think it's been associated with eBay for so long that peeps forget they can use it for other online purchases just like a high street account.