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  • Craft fair update

    Hi all, just thought i would let you know how my craft fair went at the weekend. It was in Bury st Edmunds in Suffolk in a well know hall. The event was advertised well, but was on Sunday and most places in bury dont open on a sunday,so i guess unless you saw the event advertised there was no going out in the cold.
    I had read the posts regarding what to take etc so i was all prepared and got everything ready the night before.
    The day started well, by the man who had rented the table next to us not turning up so i had two tables for the price of one (£40) this was great news as it was me and my friend sharing.
    But and hear is the but, even though there was a failrly continous amount of people we only made the table money back, i was prepared for this as i had read all the posts about how bad things had been, but my friend was dishartned and couldnt believe all our hard work had gone to waste, many stall holders complained but the attitude was we just wernt selling the right things and didnt see why they should give us our money back when appently 800 people had walked through the door, yes 800 people, we all thought they must be counting the people in the street because barely 150-200 people walked pasted, but there we go.
    So I took some advice off the forum and talked to other stall holders, who seemed like pros and they said this had been one of the worse and we wernt to stop as if you have one bad you will have two good ones which is good news to hear as we are doing a late night christmas shopping evening in our local town where the table is only £5 so were now holding our hopes on this.
    When talking to one of the stall holders, it reminded me of many of the comments on the forum regarding far east/china Vs hand made jewllery, he was selling jewllery for £5 a pop and makes several hunderd pounds a time even reaching £1000 at times and says he is regually moaned at by people who make jewllery because they just cant compete with his prices, but has no intention to stop, im just glad i make cards but even then he said he could import them in at a penny!!! Will this be the state of craft fairs to come?
    So all in all, i made 40p after the table fee and parking but i learnt alot which was the most important thing, and im not going to stop making cards, just going to have to make more friends to buy them off me as they seem to be the only supportive people out there.
    Hope the rest of you crafers do well in the up and coming events.


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    sorry you had a disappointing time at your 1st fair.
    i did my 2nd on saturday. i make jewellery and share the table with my sister who does cards. the 1st stall through the door was a man selling glass pendents at £3 - you also got a free mobile phone charm with each one. considering i can't buy the pendant for less than £3, before the thread, findings etc and each mobile phone charm costs about £1 to make how can he make a profit and how can we compete?
    also there were 8 other jewellery stalls and 11 card stalls!!!


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      Sorry to hear about your fair, I did an event in Bury St Edmunds last summer and I'd never do one there again. We took nothing. We accidently came across the 'huge' one they were holding during the summer and there was no one there except stall holders, like you say Bury is dead on a Sunday. At least you made your table and parking money back.


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        Oh dear

        I hope future ones are better and at least you know not to do Bury St Edmunds on a Sunday!