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Help I've lost my crafting mojo - craft challenge idea????

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  • Help I've lost my crafting mojo - craft challenge idea????

    Hi there
    I'm a newbie and I mentioned last week I've got a new sewing machine (first one) anyhow, I need to sort out an instruction manual from my mum to get started.
    I've been ill this last week and had to have a mini op on my back so I've been laid up, anyway my craft mojo has disappeared. I've got plenty of stuff to do but no motivation.
    Wondered if any one already has or if anyone fancied joining in a weekly challenge type thing, like a pledge about what you want to do - just to give me a kick up the bum???
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    Must admit, I'm tempted by the idea but I really don't think I could stick to it. Purely due to my day job as it takes me all over the place, its demanding and I usually have to bring work home with me. Plus 2 kids under 4....

    I also get orders most of the time, which takes up crafting time to sort out, plus if its a special commission then I have to do those too and they can take anything from 6 to 20 hours to do!

    Good luck with the thread and I hope it works for you!

    I do keep a little list of things I need to do and cross off as I go along (and add too!)


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      i know what you mean, it is really hard to stay motivated - but you know that as soon as you get started you wont want to stop!
      i sometimes find that if i have got over comfortable on the sofa, then sitting at a table working is the last thing on my mind! So this is when the sketch pad comes in to play, i will have a doodle and come up with new designs just sat in front of the tv! before i know where i am the ideas are flying out and i want to get up and go!
      its just an idea - it works for me, also looking at what everyone else is doing, i often think 'i can do that' and have a go myself...

      good luck!

      p.s turn the tv off...its a killer!!!!
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        I love a good challenge!

        Mmmm . . . something not to strenuous if your poorly. How about crazy shaped cushions. They're always fun and if they don't turn out the way you'd hoped, you can just say they were meant to be like that!

        Don't worry, inspiration is always just round the corner waiting to say 'BOO!'


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          thanks for your replies. I've propped myself up on cushions the last two nights and done some cross stitch and managed 2 christmas decorations. Have also bought some stuff to make an Xmas garland for the fireplace and some fabric to make an owl garland I saw on someones blog (pattern is on there to copy, it's lush) for my little boys bedroom. I'm getting big inspiration from blogs at the moment and Etsy, sooooo addictive, hurrah perhaps my mojo was hiding in the jaffa cakes after all
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