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  • Fuming on ebay!

    I've just been sent the snottiest message on ebay by another seller accusing me of stealing her designs!....It was so rude!
    I'd never even seen her ebay shop. To be fair there are passing similarities to that particular pendant I make, but there are bound to be when 2 sellers sell the same items made from the same material and it's not like either of us had invented the wheel with these particular designs.. I, as per, acted the peacemaker and said i'd no longer make that style of piece as I didn't want any hard be honest she only does one style and I do quite a few but now I'm fuming! I feel like I've been bullied into stopping something I make just because she considers it too alike to her work.
    What does everyone else think...Should I stay clear?
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    If it was me i would still carry on doing the ones you have done i wouldnt stop tell her your sorry she feels that way but you did not copy it and you will still carry on making the pendant in the say way. But thats me others might not think the same

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      Totally agree with Snow Angel, I would not back down and would say you could equally accuse her of copying yours, after all she has obviously been looking at your stuff and obviously feels threatened by it, and carry on making them. Unless she can prove she owns copyright on these items she has no leg to stand on, and you can report her to E-Bay if she gets threatening. Good luck
      Jo x

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        Stand Fast....

        ...Stick to your guns.

        As Sommerwood says, how do we know she hasn't browsed eBay and pinched your design? If that's the case then by backing down, you've just handed her your design on a plate.

        Tell her to go jump!

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          Report her for harassing you.
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            You are too nice.
            I'd just ignore her, don't even waste your time, you don't have to justify yourself to her.
            Your designs are fab, there's no way hers can be as nice.


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              ... I used to love a good barney but I'm not sure I want to jeopardise my feedback...some people are a bit nutty!
              I've told her i'll stop making that particular style's one that requires the least technical skill which is why i'm really peaved because it looks like that's all she does.
              I'll wait and see if see sends me anymore messages and i'll start stomping!
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                Someone accused me on ebay of copying her cake toppers and asked me if I wouldnt list tthem with these certain pics I have, I agreed for a while and now I just use the pics, its tough s**t!
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         SHE was looking at YOUR work, and then accuses YOU of copying HER. Makes you question why she was checking out her competition in the first place.

                  Don't back down - if she or anyone else accuses you again stand your ground. Your work is too good not to show it all off.
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                    Stick to your guns!!

                    She must be scared of the competition


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                      It's a tricky one - in this big wide world both of you could have come up with the same idea completely independently of each other. She obviously does feel threatened by you though or she wouldn't have mentioned it. I know there are people out there who use the same principal ideas for chicken doorstops as me but I figure that the world is a big enough place for us both to sell our wares. I've seen the doorstops chickens by 1 other person but not the Christmas decs etc so i would be wary if I spotted those elsewhere. Mine are obviously better though!
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                        I agree with everyone else BIL. I know for a fact you wouldn't go out to steal others ideas. I'm sure there are other sellers on ebay with a similar style to yours. I wonder whether she is emailing them too!!

                        Just stupid, ignore her and carry on. What is she going to do?

                        How long has she been selling on there? Oh i'm mad now!!
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                's a bit of a 50-50 thing really. She's been on ebay a few years longer but I sell 5 times as much as she does and offer a lot bigger range (not being conceited but it's the truth). I looked again at her shop and to be honest the more I look the more I think they're different...she's just claiming ownership of the 'method' in making them...which is ridiculous!
                          I'll change the design and use the same method and if I get harrassed then games on!
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                            Why do people act like this. She will have been intimidated by you.
                            All these type of people are the same all they can do is try do unerve you.
                            I know what you mean about not needing the hassle . Is this design a good seller ?

                            Can you not get in contact with E-Bay about the threats ? This is not in the spirit of E-Bay.

                            Cheers Janice


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                              Well, I have just been to all of your sites and copied everyone but put a twist on it: for instance, I now make chicken necklaces, dichroic glass doorstops, non-unique gifts and run craft fairs for the non-crafter! the potential list goes on!

                              tee hee!

                              Seriously though that is appalling, there will be a crafty assault on these sort of people one day, and I will be just to woman to run it!