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Tell me your craft success stories!!!

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  • Tell me your craft success stories!!!

    I have been away for the forum for a few months so am trying to catch up with everything thats been going on.

    So...I thought it would be nice to start a post to give people a chance to show off a little bit. We are such a great bunch of talented people after all! Tell me about something that you have done this year that has been a success or an achievement for you and your craft. It could be a craft fair, a new product, selling in a shop...anything you are chuffed about!

    Come on, don't be shy, who's going to go first???
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    I'll go. I have had several achievements, my craft business is about one year old, a big milestone, and I have sold around 50 paintings in my first year and started to make a profit. A big high for me was when my hubbie stopped calling it a 'hobby that pays for itself' and started calling it a business. Its lovely getting generous feedback from customers, makes it worthwhile.

    What about yourself Kate?


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      My success...

      My biggest success this year would have to be my Ebay Shop. I was unsure about doing it and I know some people question selling crafts on ebay, but for me it's been really good. I opened my shop in May and in June and July sales were very high. I was doing a lot lot of made to order items and made a good profit, covering the cost of all my materials and making a good sum on top of that.

      Unfortunately, I found I couldn't keep this up along with my full time job and other commitments. I still have my ebay shops and ake on average one or two sales a week, but am not making to order at the moment, which is where the real success seems to be.

      I want that to change next year. As some of you may have read in another thread, we are looking to move and I want a garage to make my workshop. With this and without the extra commitments I've had this year, I really want to concentrate on my craft. My boyfriend is the same as your husband - he calls it a hobby. I would love for it to become a business!

      Next year I am going to focus on getting into some shops. I think I will also ask some local salons if they will hang a mirror or two of mine!!! So here's to 2008!!!
      Katian Mosaics

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        Well! I had a small wholesale order to a 'coming soon' recycled gifts website and she is using my envelopes as her business stationary! I reached 100 hearts on Etsy - not matched that in sales yet but here's hoping!! I also had another wholesale order for 20 chicken doorstops for an interiors company that does exclusive craft fairs - they invite buyers from shops so hopefully something will come of that soon! I'm going to concentrate on approaching shops after Christmas so I'm hoping Swirlyarts ans my chickens will take over the world!
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          My good news is that I have been project writing for a magazine. first one published later this month and then another the month after and one in the new year.
          One of the larger craft mags contacted me yesterday and asked for one of my colourways kits to do as a featured product.
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            Well done everyone!..
            My recent success story is a completed order for 650 fused glass pieces!..A week or two of late nights and some whopping postage costs but It paid off! it paid for a web designer to make me a new website which (hopefully) goes live tonight!
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              We should do a thread like this more often as it makes you think about all the good things you've done recently.

              I haven't stopped over the past few months. Even though orders are very low, which is a bit of a problem! But I've actually had time to think more about what I want to do with TOGS and my life in general!!

              Most of my recent good news is on my BLOG
              ... plus I'm just doing my first (small) wholesale order which I can't show yet as i'm waiting for it to go on the website first
              ... oh, and winning the craftjuice competition !!

              Well done everyone else Lets hope 2008 brings much more success for us all.

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                Everyone is doing so well! It's really great to see how we are all moving forward.

                Well for me I suppose the biggest things that has happened this year is happening on Monday. I have a live, one hour show on Create and Craft shopping channel selling three of my CDs.

                Apart from that, my products have been featured in a couple of Card making magazines and I have had a competition running in Card Making and Papercraft Mag which came to an end a couple of days ago.

                Wow you don't realise how much has gone on do you!!
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                  I've just checked my Dawanda stats as I've uploaded another chicken to there and my products have been viewed 413 times!! That's not bad for only 6 products (although I do have 7 on there now).
                  Global domination is continuing! I have to say I like this thread as it makes you focus on good things happening to you and the successes of others!
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                    Well my Christmas Card design with step-by-step instructions is in the Designer Cards suppliment of the current issue of Simply Cards & sat unopened on my desk for 2 days as I was too scared to look as it has my photo in - I think I look slightly deranged in it but hubby kindly informed me that there were others looking worse (a compliment of sorts lol)

                    And the big big thing I'm all excited about is my new shop, driving me mad waiting for all the legal bits to be sorted out but hoping to get in there next month and open to the public in January - hope some of you local forum members will pop in and say hello to me
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                      Originally posted by nattynetty View Post
                      I was too scared to look as it has my photo in - I think I look slightly deranged in it but hubby kindly informed me that there were others looking worse (a compliment of sorts lol)

                      Been there doing that. So far i've avoided people seeing what I look like!

                      I think it all sounds very exciting about your shop. Lots of photos please so we can follow your progress!
                      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                        Name change to Tip Top Toppers (more close to what I do!) and the launch of my website in August, things have been pretty busy!!

                        Had a constant stream of card orders from work (some with literally hours notice) which is continuing (I have a list which runs until May 2008!) plus orders from my website.

                        But the best bit is the craft fair (my first) in early Oct and I took over £120. Not bad for cards and toppers and die cuts!! So very pleased with that!

                        I've enjoyed being part of this forum and meeting up with Swirly as I'd have never met her otherwise and its great to talk 'shop' with other crafty people who are not pedestrian card makers. Very honoured to be a blog writer and I really think about what I'm going to write first! Love the Craft Juice stuff too!!

                        I think, overall, my biggest success is being part of something and being able to connect with similar types although different backgrounds and circumstances. And I'm so impressed with everyone on here that I'm doing my Christmas 2007, 2008 and beyond shopping through it!! Birthdays too!


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                          Big well done to everybody, it is so great to hear we are all doing so well and so deservedly too, we are a fabulously talented bunch!!

                          My website has gone from strength to strength this year and I now receive lots more orders through it rather than just through E-Bay, am getting a lot of repeat customers too. I also won an order for a children's range for a show home for Bovis Homes - reminds me must chase for the photos!!

                          Long may it continue for everybody!!
                          Jo x

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                            I have had a number of commissions for jewellery in the past few months, which is good. People have bought items on my site and then returned saying how pleased they were and asking if I would design a piece just for them. It's certainly been a confidence booster for me.


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                              compared to all the rest of your fantastic successes i am almost embarassed to contribute!!
                              however after my first, quite successful, craft fair, my sister took my jewellery into her work and i sold 8 necklaces and the garden centre i had taken my stuff too on a sale or return basis have sold 2 of my bits.
                              i know this is small fry but at least i am starting to make a little bit rather than it all being out-goings!