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Buying wholesale from USA

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  • Buying wholesale from USA

    Has anyone shipped in supplies from the usa. I have found a wholesaler on the internet that carries everything I need but they say they need a copy of business registration or a certificate to open a wholesale account!
    Not sure where to get this
    Can anyone help

    Cheers Diane x

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    In the uK we don't have business licences in the same way that they do in the USA.
    They may well accept a copy of IRev. paperwork as proof that you are registered.
    Be aware that you may well get taxed on any goods you import. The IR or customs will be able to give you details about this.
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      Buying from USA

      Thanks for advice.....


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        Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
        Be aware that you may well get taxed on any goods you import.
        No - you WILL get taxed on it, if it's over £15. As it's a business to business transaction, there is no way that you can pass this off as a gift which is easier to avoid paying import duty on.
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          Hi. All my stock is impoted from either the USA or Canada. most of the wholesalers I deal with will either accept a ref from my bank, as they know that we have different rules and regulations in the UK. If your items are posted by USPS then its possible you will have to pay custom duty to PO before collection or you can set up an account with Customs and excise. if being shipped by someone like DHL they usually deliver and then invoice at a later date. hope this helps