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Handmade card query!?!

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  • Handmade card query!?!

    It has struck me that maybe my cards are too expensive, but when i work out the cost i am making very little profit!
    i buy the cards balnk in packs of 5 from hobby craft, at inbetween £2-£3, im now thinking that it would be cheaper to buy sheet card and make the cards myself and just buy envolopes...

    what are your thoughts on this, if you agree does anyone know anywhere I can buy high quality sheet card at a good price???

    do you agree....

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    I buy mine in bulk from PDA for 100 white A5 card its £7.05 but you have to score them yourself and for 100 envelopes its £4.38 its so much cheeper then where your getting yours from. You dont have to buy as many as 100 at a time you can buy as many or as littel as you like and if you spend over £40.00 you P&P is free

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      I'm going to blow my own trumpet here but i have some really good quality pre scored white linen cards (C6) in packs of 100 including envelopes for £11.75 (RRP £19.99). They are the ones i use too.

      I can't believe you were paying that much from hobbycraft..........there again i can
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        I did take a look on your website, and even though your cards are loverly, i didnt think there were a little pricey, and wondered if they were difficult to sell. i make cards and sell them for £2 and its hard enough to do that. i havent any examples on here to show you, but i thought your christmas and wedding range was a much better price range. i buy my cards from the local craft shop, crafttonic i think is the make and they are 50 for £4.99 prescored with enevlopes.


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          I buy hammered card from a supplier in Halifax for doing wedding stuff, but I must agree with Emma - I am very tempted to get some of the card blanks but need to use up what I have at the moment!!


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            I don't think Hobbycraft are the way forward. Have you thought about looking at your local large stationery wholesaler? Or going on the net to places like Eurooffice? Not sure what they offer but it might be worth a try

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              Originally posted by sunbatheintheshade View Post

              what are your thoughts on this, if you agree does anyone know anywhere I can buy high quality sheet card at a good price???

              I make all my own card blanks. I have used they have a shop in the lowery center.
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                wow...your all so helpful and right in what you say. All takes is bit of time tho search for a good supplier. I found the exact cards i was buying from hobbycraft for half the cost 'craft creations' - super!

                thanks again

                rach x
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                  I know that at one time some of the small packs of cards available at hobbycraft ,actually had labels stating they had come from craft creations, which are obviously a LOT cheaper to buy from direct and with good discounts for bulk purchasing ( up to 50% i think). In fact i was in the Watford Hobbycraft and some young ladies were looking athe cards and other bits intending to make all the wedding invitations for one of their group, and realised this would wrk out really expensive, so i ( when no HC staff wrere about) advised them to take a note of the details of HC's suppliers and go there direct!


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                    Docraft suppliers have an offer on at thee mo, 100 prescored cards and envelopes for £7.99 - you buy two packs of 50 each, mix and match.

                    I use both prescored blanks and also use sheet card to make my own. I find that a score-board is invaluable for getting precise creases.

                    Hobbycraft is very expensive, but they do sometimes have good offers on.

                    Have you considered making your own envelopes? ( sorry TipTop). I'm not sure they work out any cheaper, but I made some out of water-colour paper (180gsm) to fit my A5 gatefold cards. They turned out really luxurious and looked very, very opulent. One of my local discount stores sells pads of water colour paper very reasonably. It works out at about 10p per envelope. But be warned - you need a lot of paper to make one envelope! I used an A3 pad to make the A5 envelopes, and can use up the trimmings somewhere else.

                    There's a firm that sells card and paper by the box - you can fill a box with what you want for either 4.99 or 6.99. Is it Papercellar? And boy can you cram the card in. My local craft outlet has one of these facilities, but sometimes doesn't have the colours I want. Not that I have a lot already, mind, but you never know......


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                      I get my A6 card blanks from handy hippo.


                      They come with envelopes and work out cheap per card

                      A5 is more expensive as is DL etc

                      For all other sizes I buy card/ coloured card again from Hippo and use a top score board to score and then I cut to whatever size I want.


                      Above you can see the card is quite cheap and its really good card too.

                      Maybe there is somewhere you can get card from cheaper. Possibly somewhere you can buy it in bulk.

                      But yeah my best investment was my score board - it means I can make boxes too.....


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                        Card Blanks

                        I use card blanks from craft tonic, which I buy from my local craft shop. At the moment they are on offer 2 packs for £7.99, with 50 blanks and envelope in each pack. Have you tried the cards from Argos? I have just started to use 'Craft superstore' for ordering things from the web. I got a pack of 70 christmas design cards made by papermania for £4.99. (They normally retail for £14.99)When I made my sister-in-laws wedding invitation I used large sheets of card. They were a right pain to cut down so I could fit them in my paper trimmer.


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                          if you want to buy in bulk, the more you buy from craft creations the better. they have all different styles of card and paper and are really helpful if you call them.
                          they have an annual catalogue and you get extra discount if you buy their craft magazine.
                          you can also buy the card sample swatches for a £1 i think.
                          i use them all the time.

                          hope that helps x
                          Deanne x

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                            Cheap way

                            well, i just go to local stationary store and get bulk envelopes (A5). then, i buy 110lb cardstock A4 size. i cut it in half and fold it myself. each A4 makes 2 cards. i found that this is the cheapest way so far.
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