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How Manky am I????

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  • How Manky am I????

    Some of you may know that i have a big event this wkend.So i've been making, making, making for it. ( Hope i sell some stuff!!)Anyway today i could stand it no more.. i HAD to hoover the downstairs.I kid you not, the dyson cylinder was HALF FULL with dust/rubbish/whatever it is that goes up there.It would be ok if i lived in a big house but i've only got two small reception rooms downstairs!!!!!!Anyone else manky for the sake of their crafting??

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    For the last week Ive been meaning to hoover all floors, especially the kitchen which is mega manky, tho have to admit its not really down to craft.Dont worry, its not just you.

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      It's not just you!! A friend of mine is so disgusted by my floors that she has been known to get the hoover out when she comes round - just cos I don't hoover the floors 3 or 4 times a day like she does
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        Just down mine. I have made four horseshoes today and spent the the rest of the time on the forum !!!! Nobody said that this could be as addictive !!!!!

        Anyway floors done now so I think I better get on with the shoes ...... after I've a quick ten mins on the comp.



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          Heheheh - I thought it was just me!

          I leave the house in the morning when its still dark and get home when its virtually dark so don't see the state of the carpets.

          When bits of biscuit stick to my socks I know its time to hoover!

          Dysons don't compress the muck so don't feel too bad!!!!


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            Originally posted by Tip Top View Post

            Dysons don't compress the muck so don't feel too bad!!!!
            Thank you...that is one of those facts that makes you feel truly enlightened

            I'm not as bad as I thought, I'm not as bad as I thought, I'm not as bad .....
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              I would be if it wasn't for the kids and their friends. My carpet was covered in bits of dried paint from last night after I tipped it over the floor,but I have to keep my house fairly neat as we have people round a fair bit and I wouldn't want them to see the 'real me', otherwise it might get out hehe. My kids friends have just left, all 5 of them and I am wondering to myself why I bother to wash the floors and hoover the carpet when it is now covered in mud - aaaaahhhhhh. Back to the cleaning again. No more vistors till can wait


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                I hoover about once a week, is that gross?, sometimes not even that!

                I know people that do it everyday, which I find kinda weird, then again it is only me and other half
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                  I hoover once a week sometimes twice if I have people over - lifes too short - but don't worry about the Dyson the kids rooms only get hoovered on a when really really needed bases (cause they are up the stairs and nobody goes up there bar the kids and their friends). Well each of there rooms can fill up the dyson!!!

                  Manky yep - do I care - nope!!!



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                    Chill girl!

                    You are not manky..... you are artisitic and creative and allowing your creations to become instilation art.....

                    at least that's what I tell myself, my DH when he calls the house a tip and my mother when she nearly blows a gaskit at the sight of my house.
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                      Last weekend my parents came to visit which meant I had to clean up my craft room (thanks Mom and Dad right in the middle of trying to design demos for Create and Craft) so we could put the bed settee down. Ian my OH went mad when he saw the carpet in there..well actually you couldn't see that much of it for the bits of paper, glitter, etc etc. I don't bother to vacuum up there very often..actually never! I am minging I know, but it cuts into my creative time if I have to clean up as well!!
                      It's good to know I am not alone.
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                        My vacuum cleaner rarely sees the light of day from month to month. Life is far too short to be worrying about a bit of dust - besides by the time you've got to the end of the house the first bit you did is already dusty again!

                        My time is far better spent crafting than doing thankless tasks that don't stay done!