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  • Why Me !!!!

    Did a wedding fair yesterday !!!! No Sales..... except the nice lady on the stand next to me . No real intrest.

    Stood for six hours all dressed up (because it was a wedding fair) You know the thing good suit, high heels. Then......had to climb 2 flights of stairs to get my stock out and guess I was leaving with my boxes FULL I missed the last step and went my length right in front of the cool dudes that where there to promote Masseratti Cars.

    No longer a good suit becuase I took the knees out my trousers.

    And you thought you where having a Bad Day .

    Cheers Janice

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    Oh dear

    I hope the blokes helped you? And that your knees are feeling better soon

    You never know, there may be interest after the show from people who picked up your cards / flyers.

    What is your website? I've clicked on the link in your signature but it says that the site is not found / registered...


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      No they didn't help me . I think my days of getting picked up( even if it's off the floor) are well and truley over.

      Any way to cheer myself up I've decided I need to try other things SOO have just taken out a advert Really scary. Dont want to tell hubby as he will turn a whiter shade of pale especially after yesterdays disaster.

      But have just remembered this wee magizine gets delived to his work and the chances are I wll get caught !!!!

      As I said WHY Me

      Cheers Janice.


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        Ow Janice that's hellish, bet you wish you had been wearing your old jeans that day. I thought the horse shoes would have went down well. Did you get a lot of queries cause I heard you don't really make sales at the wedding fairs but it is prospective orders from brides and grooms for their forthcoming weddings.

        Have you got your website yet? That would be another good idea for you.

        See you soon no doubt.

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