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Advice please - Making a wall hanging

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  • Advice please - Making a wall hanging

    Hello, I am making a wall hanging (my first one) of a Guardian Angel and have almost finished all the applique and ready to do the 'hanging'.

    I have made an opening along the top to thread my dowling wood through but I don't really know hast to do next.

    I quite like the idea of using wire to hang it with, the sort you can curl around a pencil to make it a bit more interesting. But, how to I attach this to the dowing ?

    The other option is ribbon. Do I just tie the ribbon ends to each end of the dowling.

    I'm sorry if my questions sound a bit silly but my hanging is really lovely and I want to show it off to it's best potential as it's going to a Breast Cancer Charity Fayre.

    Many Thanks

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    I've never personally done a wall hanging but my mother in law has made a quilt that hangs on the wall and she has used dowling that has a hole in the middle so that the string goes though the middle - does that make sense. What I would do if I were you is to have a look on etsy for wall hangings and look and see what they have done - there should be some decent wall hangings on there and you can look for inspiration!
    Hope this helps
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      Thankyou, I'm off to Etsy right now.