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The Romans invade South Cave

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  • The Romans invade South Cave

    Eden and her friends are having a roman day in school today where they will get to sample Roman food ( no... not those delicious wood snails!)
    They have all had to go in Roman costume. We were lucky to have the tunic I made for when Joe was at school. The same tunic was cut down for Ollie a couple of years later and now it'ss been shortened again for Eden.
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    She looks great!! I love her hair I remember we did a day out at Byland Abbey when I was at school - we dressed as monks and ate the food that they would eat and did calligraphy etc. It was freezing and the food was horrid!! Hope Eden has a better day!
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      I want to be little again!!!She looks lovely.

      I was given a Roman name when in junior school, Lucia I think, based on my middle name Louise.
      Those were the days.

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        She looks great!
        One of my close friends is a primary teacher and last week she took her class to The Beamish Museum up here.They all had to dress up in Victorian clothes and have a lesson in the school house. The funniest thing was that Helen my friend was made to stand in the corner for talking when the Victorian teacher was speaking!! She said she will never live it down! Her class loved it!
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          Great stuff!!

          Its funny cos I wish I could dress up like my kids sometimes!! Halloween is going to be good this year!!


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            Oh how cute!!!!! Hope she had a good day, I remember doing something like that when I was a wee one!!
            Jo x

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