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Panic setting in about first craft fair

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  • Panic setting in about first craft fair

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr, I'm really paniking now about my very first craft fair tomorrow!!

    I have done as much as I can regarding building up stock and packed it all away ready to be put into the car.

    Just wanted to show you a few of the bits I have made and please ask if you think I am pricing them be honest, I think they are worth more, but I really need the money and would hate to overprice them:

    Honest opions please.......I am seeling my elves for £9.95, dogs and cats for £4.95 - christmas dogs and cats £.5.25.........sheep, cow and chicken wall hangers for £7.95. the picture here does not show them with their hangers on, but they all have their ribbons on now. goes!

    I will only post one because I think you can click along and see them all - please let me know if it does not work.

    Pauline[email protected]/1548854703/

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    Your stuff is so cool. I really like the farmyard designs. The prices seem very reasonable, unfortuneately it is a fact that people don't want to pay what things are actually worth at craft fairs, but make sure that you are making money on your items. I really just wanted to wish you the best of luck for your craft fair.


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      Oooo best of luck tomorrow Pauline, hope it all goes well for you
      Jo x

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        Prices seem fair to me - good luck!! You will have to let us know how you get on
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          i know is a bit late as your fair is probably over by now, but hope it went well. i really liked all your stuff especially the animals. looking forward to hearing how it went


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            How did it go???

            I've just had to cancel the only fair I had booked for this year- my days at work have changed so I can't do it. Do miss doing the fairs though, love the social side of them -just as well as certainly not making my fortune at them!!!


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              That chicken is fab!!
              Prices are fine

              But how did it go??!!!


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                How did it go? Hope you sold out!!


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                  hi Pauline how did it go today ? i had a craft fair as well think i did ok as it was my first fair for a while and then i have one every weekend for the next few weeks hope all went well
                  while i knit i think




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                    Well I really hate to say this but it was just terrible!! I made the grand total of £5.95!!!!!!! I am not sure how many people come to craft fairs, but I believe there was about 140 that came through!. Quite a few of the stalls did just as bad as me, if not worse!!!! I was just so disheartened by it all as I had worked so hard to build up my stock and really needed the money

                    I have not even unpacked the car yet because I just can't be bothered.

                    I really did think I would do quite well - even took some of my husbands wooden clocks, but just nothing, nada, zilch!!

                    I am going to try and see if I can find a school christmas fete or something - not sure where there are anymore craft fairs around where I am.

                    Shame really! Hubbys tells me not to be too disheartened by it all, and I am trying to not to be, but its a bit of a slap really.

                    Awww well, have to get to bed now, I've been up since 2.30 this morning and I am beat!

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                      oh Pauline i'm sorry your day was so bad and i do know how you feel i've been in this position before and after all the work getting stock sorted and all that you need and rushing getting there and set up and i've had £5 for my trouble but i never learn and keep going and someday it will be the big one and i will come with an empty car (wishfull thinking) but just be sure your not alone and i'm thinking about you and we just have to be ready for that big day
                      while i knit i think




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                        Don't Give Up !!!

                        Been there ! Done That !!

                        I have stood at many a fair with were everyone round about seems to be making millions BUT there is always one were your the one making the money. It has taking me 2 years to work out where to go with my wares.
                        If there was a magic formula we would all be RICH !!!

                        I had a look at your stock and it's fab. I do a lot of fairs in Scotland and I dont know anyone that does your craft. Stick with it.

                        Cheers Janice.


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                          Oh Pauline! I am so sorry to hear that you had such a bad day. I remember my first craft fair - I took 45p!

                          Please don't be too disheartened by this one experience. Every craft fair is different and some are better than others. I've found I do as well, if not better, at the local primary school summer fete and winter fair than at any other the more professionally organised fairs and shows.

                          Wishing you the best of luck with your next outing.



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                            Tired and poor!

                            If it makes you feel any better, Pauline, I just did my first craft fair yesterday and took £9.50! At the table top sale this morning I took a further £6.00! Doesn't sound too disastrous, but when you consider my pitch yesterday cost £20 and parking was £4, and this morning's table was £5...

                            I'm assured October's a shocking month for selling, but November and December are a lot better. Onward and upward.


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                              Sorry to hear about the craft fair, I have never done one and I dont really think I want to either, seems like lots of hard work for nothing! Im sure you will sell lots more things via your website anyway.

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