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clear acrylic spray for inkjet laserjet protection

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  • clear acrylic spray for inkjet laserjet protection

    Does anyone know the best clear acrylic spray to cover inkjer and laser jet print outs and doesn't leave a sticky surface. Also needs to be be totally clear asd the design is see through in parts.

    I look forward to any replies...thanks

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    Is it for prints onto canvas or paper? I don't know how much help I can be as I have only had to fix drawings and paintings, not prints, but for paper, you can get good quality fixatives from a good art supplier (You're lucky being in London as there's some great spe******t fine art suppliers, try Atlantis Art supplies), or the cheap option is a cheap hairspray. For canvas I would use a clear matt varnish.

    Sorry if that's not what you meant.

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      Within the art trade and digital sign trade, printed ink jet images are usually sealed with Frogjuice.

      I would certainly not use hairspray on any item you are selling as you will probably find long term problems that could affect your reputation.

      Hope this is what you are looking for.



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        How about Americana Spray Sealer (matt or gloss) or Plastercraft Sealer or Triple Gloss (spray version).

        Here's a video link showing the spray on a laser photocopy. The video shows an image transfer process but if left alone, these sprays do dry well and are very effective. There is another version of this video too which is more thorough ... click here. I hope this helps.
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          Thanks for the response everyone. I really like the look of the deco art Americana, and would also like to try the the image transfer process with it, but because it's an American brand I only see 2 places in the UK selling it and they don't seem to ship due to it being a fire hazard, so wondered where in london you can actually pick these up from.